Detroit Helping Detroit

Whether sun, rain, or snow, these volunteers know the people that they help depend on the warm meal and supplies. So they brave the conditions and help out their fellow Detroiters in need; after all, their mission is in their organization’s name: Detroit Helping Detroit.

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Officially founded in 2014, Detroit Helping Detroit is a nonprofit organization that helps Detroiters in need by giving food, clothing, medical supplies, and hygiene products. They come out at least once a month to the Tumaini Center, the only 24-hour shelter in Detroit, and give out as much food and supplies as they can collect. The more ingredients and supplies they receive, the more often they can come out to the shelter.

DHD has the mentality that if the community is going to improve, then you have to help not only the location, but help the people in need that live there; only then can it truly be strong.

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