For the first time, at Comerica Park, the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers, in partnership with the Detroit Tigers, are introducing the people-powered Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Motor City Wheels Mascot Races. The Motor City Wheels are a racing family made up of classic Chevys. Petey Pickup, the oldest sibling, is a Chevy pickup truck. Bella Air, the only girl, is a Chevy Bel Air, and Corey Vette is a Chevy Corvette and the youngest sibling in the family. Each mascot has his or her own distinctive personality.

But one thing they all have in common is a competitive spirit and the need to win. The mascot races will take place at home games during the third inning break. Already a beloved tradition in many major league ballparks, mascot races are becoming a staple of baseball games nationwide and now, thanks to the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers and the Detroit Tigers, you’ll be able to cheer on your favorite mascot at Comerica Park!