Last spring, your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers teamed up with the Detroit Tigers to bring you the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Motor City Wheels Mascot Races, and they are back for another season! The Motor City Wheels are a racing family made up of classic Chevys, and each mascot has his or her own distinctive personality.

It’s a new season, and that means it’s time for new mascots! Cam Aro and Shelly Chevelle join the Motor City Wheels Mascot crew and are giving Petey Pickup, Bella Air and Corey Vette a run for their money.

Cam Aro is a mischievous racer, and Shelly is the most athletic of the entire Motor City Wheels lineup. The original Motor City Wheels are back, including Petey Pickup, who is the oldest sibling and a Chevy pickup truck. Bella Air, the only girl, is a Chevy Bel Air, and Corey Vette is a Chevy Corvette and the youngest sibling in the family.

The one thing they all have in common is a competitive spirit and the need to win. The mascot races will take place at home games during the third inning break. Already a beloved tradition in many major league ballparks, mascot races are becoming a staple of baseball games nationwide and now, thanks to the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers and the Detroit Tigers, you’ll be able to cheer on your favorite mascot at Comerica Park!

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