The Lows

Photo Courtesy of The Lows.

Experience the Highs of The Lows, Detroit’s Newest Grunge Rock Band

Featuring a grunge rock sound reminiscent of 90s garage bands, The Lows look to bring that hard rock attitude back to the Detroit music scene.

Forged from other Detroit based rock bands, The Lows originally started as a solo project from Angelo Coppola. The singer wrote, sang, and played all of the instruments to create demo recordings. He recruited Detroit bassist Wolf, guitarists Nick Behnan and Brandon McNall, and drummer Duane Hewins to form The Lows in 2017.  

Coppola describes their sound as supersonic groove rock that features big guitar riffs and catchy hooks. He said that he’s inspired by 90s era grunge bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana. Coppola added that the band is inspired by the Motown sound and the rich Detroit music scene.

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“There’s just such a diverse group of artists who’ve come from Detroit and it’s no different today. On any given night you can go out and see outstanding musicians playing all genres of music. There’s no doubt, we take pride being from Detroit,” Coppola said.

Part of that pride comes from Coppola and drummer Duane Hewins graduating from DIME, the Detroit Institute of Music Education. Both band members think very highly of the program which has shaped them into the musicians they are today.

The Lows

Photo Courtesy of The Lows.

“You’re held to a very high standard and they groom you to be a well rounded musician. DIME faculty are top professionals in the business and give students first hand information. It’s a great institution that is growing every year,” Coppola said.

Coppola believes that the future for The Lows is very bright as the band released a new single, “Love Xtinction,” which is available on all streaming services. The group is in the planning phases of shooting a music video for their new single and are aiming to release another single by the end of the summer.

The quintet recently played with Sugar Ray at Uncle Sam Jam in Woodhaven and are gearing up for a performance at Pig & Whiskey this weekend and at Tommystock at the end of the month. The group is also looking to book some shows throughout the Midwest for late summer into early fall.

For more information on everything The Lows have coming up, including shows and upcoming releases, be sure to follow the group on their Facebook page. You can find all of the band’s music and news on their website as well.

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