VIDEO: Friendship Circle

Children with special needs often find themselves not part of the group, and defined by what they can and can’t do at that moment. But what if they just haven’t been given the right opportunity, or the right support?

The Friendship Circle is a nonprofit based in West Bloomfield that creates safe and educational spaces for children with special needs. The organization was formed with the idea that each child is beautiful and deserves to have a fulfilling life. Through their programming, the Friendship Circle promotes inclusion no matter what challenges an individual faces. As a result, the children often learn skills needed in the community, while giving back to the volunteers that help them achieve their goals.

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Join in the celebration on September 3rd for the Walk 4 Friendship event. You’ll be able to enjoy free food, entertainment, and grab an event T-shirt as well. The walk is the  Friendship Circle’s biggest fundraising event of the year, and has been attended by over 6,000 people in previous years. So have fun and make some new friends!

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