Matthew Richmond and Gallery U & Boutique Presents: The Paper Doll Exhibit

September 29, 2011
Gallery U,
Cost: $5

What do you get when you take old plastic grocery bags or VHS tape and mix them with the creative genius of Matthew Richmond?  If you answered beautiful, high end fashion, you are correct!  That is right, Matt does something that few others can do… he takes items that normally would be bound for the garbage and recycles them into something beautiful.

You may be wondering, how does someone comes up with the idea to use bags, tape, newspapers and even flowers to create dresses?  Well, the idea was actually born from necessity.  Several years back, Matt was working in an Aveda salon in Ann Arbor.  The salon had just been renovated and had huge picture windows in the front.  The only thing missing was something to dress them up.  So, Matt did.  Using old wrapping paper, Matt created his very first dress.  The rest is fashion history.

The concept behind Matt’s dresses goes hand in hand with Aveda’s Earth friendly attitude.  Aveda products are made with all natural ingredients, they are packaged in recyclable containers, they are not tested on animals and they support earth-friendly organizations all over the world.   In continuing with these beliefs, Matt uses all recycled materials to create the dresses.  He has gotten pretty creative in his endeavors.  For one of the dresses, he used hair color tubes from the salon.  These metal tubes are crimped to get all the color out, and the result was a very cool look and texture for the dress.

Once Matt moved to Royal Oak, he received even more attention and support for his unusual creations.  He has been commissioned by many different people and organizations to create dresses for events.  He even made a VHS & duct tape prom dress for a very lucky young girl who was the hit of her prom!

After noticing Matt’s display at the local Aveda Institute, two local women had an idea.  These ladies worked at a local art gallery and thought that they could do something special by pairing up with Matt.  That art gallery is Gallery U.  We visited Gallery U earlier this summer to see all of the wonderful things they do for individuals with traumatic brain Injuries (TBI).  For more information on Gallery U, please read Gallery U: Art & Inspiration and see the wonderful difference they make very day.

After sitting down and talking to Matt, the two parties came up with The Paper Doll Exhibit which will be held at Gallery U in Royal Oak on September 29, 2011.  All those in attendance will not only be able to see Matt’s innovative and stunning designs, but also the gorgeous work that Gallery U showcases as well. Gallery U is located at 310 West Fourth Street in downtown Royal Oak and the Paper Doll Exhibit will be held from 5:00-9:00 pm.

For more information on Gallery U or the Paper Doll Exhibit, please contact Susan Miller at (248) 408-0128 or visit