The Orbitsuns, Gunnar and The Grizzly Boys, Mike Tester

January 14, 2012
PJ's Lager House,
Cost: $8

Low down and dirty, country music played at its best… that is what you will get from the Orbitsuns. This native Motor City band is making their way across the state and creating a legion of fans as they go. Now they are playing in the D. Live at PJ’s Lager house on Saturday, January 14, 2012, The Orbitusuns will take the stage. Joining them will be Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys. This innovative and fresh group mixes just the right blend of country and rock and has played all over Michigan and the Midwest. In addition, Mike Tester, a classic country singer, will be starting off the night. The show starts at 9 pm and tickets are $8. For more show information, please visit