From Poke to Pulled Pork: Specialty Nachos in Metro Detroit

By: Michael Fossbakk | October 21, 2020

While there is nothing wrong with the traditional dish, why not challenge your perception of nachos? What does a dish have to have in order to be considered “nachos”? From poke to pulled pork, these Metro Detroit restaurants are asking you to open your mind and your mouths. Here are five nachos worth your appetite.

Burger Nacho Supreme – Los Galanes

While the toppings are your traditional beef, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, green onions, jalapenos and olives, it’s the sheer amount of food you’ll get with an order of Los Galanes’ “Burger Nacho Supreme” that will wow you. If you don’t have anyone to share with, a small order is also available at a discounted price.

Tater Tachos – Mercury Burger Bar

For those of us that prefer potato over corn, Mercury Burger Bar in Detroit offers “Tater Tachos.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: tater tots covered in cheese sauce, crumbled bacon, salsa, cilantro sour cream and cowboy candy (candied jalapenos). Enjoy it with a milkshake, Boston Cooler or Faygo Orange Creamsicle.


Tater Tachos from Mercury Burger Bar in Detroit. Photo courtesy of Mercury Burger Bar.

Mr. Piggins Brewery Nachos – Ascension Brewery

Ascension Brewery in Novi not only serves delicious craft beer but has a menu of delectable bites to boot. That includes “Mr. Piggins Brewery Nachos,” which is topped with pulled pork, melted cheese, green onion, red onion, pico de gallo and sriracha bourbon BBQ sauce. Pair it with one of  Ascension’s many craft beers on tap and enjoy.

Chipotle Nachos – Batch Brewing Company

Offering curbside pickup and dine-in service, Batch Brewing Company in Detroit serves a nacho dish that may look like your traditional plate of the good stuff. Where it stands apart from the crowd is in its namesake; the chipotle sour cream adds flavor with a kick to a heaping pile of tortilla chips, pepper jack cheese, black bean corn salsa, green onion, avocado and pickled jalapeno. And, as a craft brewery, Batch has you covered when you start to feel a little burn.

Poke Nachos Tacos – Jim Brady’s

What used to be poke nachos is now poke tacos. While the presentation might have changed a little, the toppings remain the same at both of Jim Brady’s locations. Enjoy soy-ginger marinated ahi tuna, avocado, wasabi peas, pico, jalapenos, fried lotus root and yum yum sauce packed inside crispy rice paper taco shells. If that only whets your appetite for seafood and tacos, there are more great restaurants for fish tacos in Metro Detroit.