The Little Libraries of Metro Detroit

Education is paramount for a community to continue to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, when libraries aren’t on every corner, not all communities have easy access literature. So what if you made your own?

The Little Free Library organization, based out of Wisconsin, has been creating what can sometimes be seen as a small house for books with the idea of spreading the joy of reading and education. Inspired by these creations, Kim Kozlowski decided to install her own little library in front of her house. The positive reaction that followed drove Kim to reach even further. She soon formed the Detroit Little Libraries campaign to bring these little libraries to areas that didn’t have easy access to reading material. The movement has taken root, and now you can find these small structures all over Metro Detroit.

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The Detroit Little Libraries campaign successfully completed their Detroit 97 Schools Project, but there is still more to do. There are several new campaigns that are already underway. The goal of one is to put a Little Free Library at every police station in Detroit. The first to be installed was dedicated to a Captain’s daughter who passed away at the age of 8. Another campaign seeks to put as many little libraries as possible in the Highland Park community which has been without a city library for 15 years.

The Detroit Little Libraries campaign works with the Little Free Library organization which has grown into a global nonprofit promoting reading and education. Founded by Todd H. Bol, the nonprofit originally started as a dedication to Bol’s mother who was a teacher that had a passion for reading. Now there are over 60,000 little free libraries in all 50 states and in over 80 countries worldwide!

Let’s keep the love of reading and learning going! You can borrow a book from any Little Free Library, and return it to any other location. You can even pass along a copy of your favorite book to inspire someone else!