Almond Boneless Chicken

Photo Credit: Kristin Shaw Photography.

Metro Detroit Excels at Almond Boneless Chicken

As far as American-style Chinese food goes, there are few dishes as warm and satisfying as Almond Boneless Chicken.

It’s that mix of savory gravy, crunchy almonds, tangy green onions and crispy chicken breast that gives Almond Boneless Chicken its meaty substance. When you combine all of those ingredients, you have not only a hearty dish but a kind of homey nourishment that reminds you of family dinners laughing over fortune-cookie advice or late-night dinners with friends.

According to The Peterboro, one of the favorites that serve this dish, Almond Boneless Chicken first made an appearance in Detroit in the early 1940s at Chung’s and has been a classic Chinese-American dish ever since.

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The response you’ll get when you invite someone to eat Almond Boneless Chicken with you is priceless as well. It’s everyone’s go-to meal, it seems, and it sparks a ton of conversation. For example, Detroiter Hubert Sawyers III had multiple places to recommend when asked where he gets his chicken on. 

“Try Panda Chinese in northwest Detroit (Grandmont-Rosedale area). Best American-style Chinese you’re going to find anywhere,” Sawyers said. “Oh, and Ten Yen in Livonia or Westland. They’ll not disappoint.” 

So grab a cup of oolong tea, pick up your chopsticks and prepare yourself for some of Metro Detroit’s best Almond Boneless Chicken dishes. 

  • The Peterboro: This Detroit restaurant has some of the strangest combinations that seem so wrong when you hear the ingredients but taste so right. Let’s just say that you have to try the cheeseburger spring rolls or the Asian BBQ Brisket. The restaurant, located in Detroit’s former Chinatown neighborhood on Peterboro, serves contemporary Chinese-American food and a great craft cocktail to boot. 
  • Summer Palace: Grosse Pointe might not be the first place you’d think of to try classic Chinese food. But this little joint on Beaconsfield in Grosse Pointe Park is small enough that you get great service and popular enough that you know it knows how to make an ideal brown gravy for your Almond Boneless. 
  • Lotus Pond: There are hundreds of recommendations for this Warren restaurant – and the locals truly know what they’re talking about. People claim it is the best Almond Boneless around, raving about how thick and perfect the gravy is. And gravy makes this dish. 
  • Kim’s Family Restaurant: Right from the start with its Asian exterior flair and family-owned vibe, you know you’re going to get the real deal at Kim’s. The chicken is the star of this version of the recipe, giving you big portions and high-quality meat to savor. 
  • Golden Wheel: This Madison Heights restaurant gets raves for the breading on its Almond Boneless, noting how light and fluffy it is. The gravy also is said to be second to none, making this version of everyone’s favorite chicken one to try.
  • Shangri-La: Detroit’s Midtown is chock full of great eateries, and Shangri-La has a legion of fans for good reason. Its motto, “Chinese People Eat Here Because It’s Authentic Chinese,” tells you everything you need to know. Its Dim sum is great, but you’ve got to try the Almond Boneless for its flavor and tenderness. Customers also say the service is great.

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