VIDEO: Michigan Animal Rescue League Turns a Shelter into a Sanctuary

Since 1953, the Michigan Animal Rescue League, also known as MARL, has been giving homeless and mistreated cats and dogs a second chance at finding a “forever home." The longstanding shelter is based near downtown Pontiac, and prides itself on being “a different breed of shelter.”

At MARL, even older or sickly animals are taken in and cared for. Thanks to a network of generous vets, MARL is able to minimize costs so funding can go towards other pet expenses. The dogs get daily walks, play time, and even have classes to teach them basic commands, while the cats get room time in various visiting rooms, and (if they play well with other cats) can find residency in a free roaming room.

Thanks to shelter employees and volunteers, both cats and dogs are treated in a way that prepares them for an easy adjustment into a loving home.

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Providing a loving environment for homeless pets and helping to find them a forever home is what makes the Michigan Animal Rescue League a true Chevy Detroit Champion!

To find out more about adoption, volunteer, or donation opportunities at MARL, visit