Frankenmuth Flower Festival

Photo Courtesy of Frankenmuth Flower Festival.

The Inaugural Frankenmuth Flower Festival is in Full Bloom This Weekend

Fully bloomed sunflowers, fun color runs, garden walks, craft shows and much more await you at the first ever Frankenmuth Flower Festival.

Coming into bloom on Friday, August 2, the two day event celebrates the height of the Frankenmuth flower season and highlights the town’s unique beauty. The jam-packed two days features a Sunflower Fun Color Run, a farmers market, a ‘Flour’ Bake Sale, food trucks and free entertainment on the sidewalks in downtown Frankenmuth.

Arguably the main attractions are the Sunflower U-Pick and Evening Sunflower Dinner at Grandpa Tiny’s Farm. Although there are free events such as the ‘Flour’ Bake Sale and Plein Air Painting viewing, you do need tickets to enjoy the Sunflower U-Pick and the evening dinners. The Evening Sunflower Dinners has sold out numerous dinners already, which event organizer Wendy Winkel has been pleasantly surprised with and is excited to give back to a community that has embraced her and her family.

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Winkel and her family moved to Frankenmuth from Rochester Hills to help maintain Grandpa Tiny’s Farm when the previous owners retired. She said that the idea for the event came when she put the word out on social media last summer if anyone wanted to attend a sunflower U-Pick. When she saw that the response was overwhelming, she was inspired to develop the event further.

Frankenmuth Flower Festival

Photo Courtesy of Frankenmuth Flower Festival. 

Winkel and her husband developed ideas over the winter on how they could branch it out to the entire town and help show their appreciation for the welcoming community.

“I look at this as a way to give back to this community which has been so supportive. We’re a new family here and we wanted to give back,” Winkel said.

The Frankenmuth Flower Festival will also be taking place at the same time as the Michigan Honey Festival. The educational event brings awareness of the impact that honeybees make in our everyday lives and will feature numerous vendors and beekeepers from around Metro Detroit.

Winkel is excited to be sharing the weekend with the event as she believes it shows what makes Frankenmuth so special to Metro Detroiters.

“We wanted to create an appreciation for the town and educate the public that we have other things going on in the summertime,” Winkel said.

The Frankenmuth Flower Festival might only be in its first year, but the festival is gaining a lot of buzz in the community and is expected to sell out many of its events. To make sure you don’t miss out on the summer fun, be sure to visit the Eventbrite page for tickets. More detailed information on all of the events taking place over the weekend can be found on the Frankenmuth Flower Festival’s Facebook page.

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