VIDEO: Farm Field Table

The Romine family is no stranger to putting long hours and hard work into creating a great product. After helping to build up The Mulefoot Gatropub, a successful farm-to-table restaurant in Imlay City, Matt Romine moved his focus south to Ferndale to start his passion project.

Farm Field Table is a butch shop created to give customers a high quality local product that is free of steroids, hormones, and other chemicals. They only accept animals that have been fed a natural diet of quality vegetables, fruits, grains, and grass while also having room to move around. The meat is always fresh and never frozen.

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Farm Field Table is a butcher shop in Ferndale that offers a healthy and chemical-free product for better tasting, higher quality meals. Matt Romine and his staff are great for informing customers about the best cuts of meat to use for meals, as well as providing suggestions on how to best prepare the meat. Farm Field Table has earned itself the unofficial title of ” the speakeasy of butcher shops.”

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