2015 Corvette Z06: Prepare to Be Blown Away

By: In The D Staff | February 17, 2014
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It’s no secret that the Chevy Corvette is one of the most coveted cars around, year-in and year-out. The 2014 Corvette Stingray took home North American Car of the Year honors, but the 2015 Corvette Z06 has simply outdone itself.

As usual, The Z06 was first introduced at the 2014 North American Auto Show in the Motor City and it impressed the likes of media members, car enthusiasts and Auto-Show-goers everywhere. How could it not though? The Z06 has launched the Stingray model into “supercar” territory.

The Z06 “is the closest link yet” to Corvette’s built for the racetrack and those built for the road. It is one of the industry’s only supercars to offer more than 600 horsepower, yet offer two different options for transmissions—a 7-speed manual or an all-new paddle-shift 8-speed automatic.

The LT4 supercharged 6.2L V8 engine allows this beautiful, yet masculine specimen to go from zero to 60 in an unprecedented three and a half seconds! To put that in perspective for you, a Corvette Z06 can go from zero to 60 in less time than it takes you to read this sentence. Impressive, right?

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The engine allows for at least 625 horsepower and 635 lb/ft of torque (estimated). The aluminum engine incorporates a more efficient and compact supercharger, as well as lightweight titanium intake valves and a dry sump oil system.

The Z06 also offers three increasing levels of aerodynamic downforce. The first level features a front splitter, spats around the front wheel openings and a carbon-fiber hood. The next level has an available Carbon-Fiber Aero Package, adding a carbon-fiber front splitter with aviation style-winglets, carbon-fiber rocker panels and more. The highest level is the “Z07 Package” which adds even larger winglets to the front splitter, along with an adjustable, transparent section on the rear spoiler for track use. This package offers the most aerodynamic downforce on any car GM has ever tested. That’s right, ever!

As if everything already mentioned doesn’t have your attention, the Z06 has a performance data recorder, offering four different modes. You can add a whole new element to your drives by video logging them as well as keeping up with the real-time performance data, all stored on an SD memory card. Track mode, sport mode, touring mode and performance mode are all the available options.

Another fun fact about this car; it was co-developed with the C7.R race car. The Z06 and C7.R share engine technologies, as well as aerodynamics strategy. The C7.R made its debut in late January at the 52nd Rolex 24 at Daytona.

The Z06 is slated to go on sale in Early 2015. So, that gives us plenty of time to build up some anticipation. I would give up a lot of things to be able to afford this astonishing performance vehicle, but unfortunately I’m not a world-renowned writer yet, so I’ll stick with my Chevy Malibu for now. Be on the lookout for me in a Corvette in the future though!