A Contractor’s Most Versatile Tool: Chevy Silverado

By: Fred Zdanowicz | February 5, 2020
A Contractor's Most Versatile Tool: Chevy Silverado

Changes to blueprints have been emailed from the architect. City building officials want to meet. Your crew needs building materials and you’re towing a cement mixer to the job site: it’s a typical day for a general contractor and it’s not even 9:00 a.m. In the middle of it all is your Chevy Silverado, the most versatile tool and office away from the office.

When you pull up to the job site, you put the truck in reverse and back the cement mixer up to where the forms are waiting using the available Technology Package featuring cameras that show what’s behind you. Fifteen displays can be seen by selecting the available Camera App on the touch-screen display.   

Next up, you invite the foreman to jump up into the passenger side and roomy cab to look at approved changes made to blueprints. The cab interior might as well be a board room given its spatial size and luxurious attention to detail. Plug in a laptop to the available 120-volt outlet on the instrument panel, log on to the Internet through the available in-truck 4G LTE WiFi, discuss next steps over the Bluetooth-based smartphone hands-free calling system, and that’s how you cut through the red tape and keep the project rolling. 

Meanwhile at the tailgate, power tools, lumber, cement and construction materials are being unloaded from the bed. Silverado boasts the most functional bed of any pickup with a roll-formed high-strength steel floor that’s stronger, lighter and more durable than a traditional steel floor. You hear the guys razzing each other and discussing last night’s game. One of the crew plugs in a chop saw into the available bed-mounted 120-volt outlet to cut 2x4s — these jobsite sounds are symphonic music that assures you that work is getting done.

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Now that the foreman understands the blueprint changes, the crew has their supplies and the cement mixer is turning, it’s time for a coffee break. You stop at the local coffee shop before driving across town to meet with the city building officials. But don’t worry about fuel mileage. For 2020, Silverado has more engine options across its eight trim levels, with technology that delivers impressive fuel economy. Take for instance the unique 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It has Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) that shuts down individual cylinders as needed to save fuel. All trim levels with the 2.7 engine receive 17 mpg in combined driving, except the Trail Boss that delivers 16 mpg.

The i’s are dotted and t’s crossed with the city officials for the next phase of an upcoming project. So it’s time for a new client meeting that’s right around the corner. One thing you learned a long time ago about new clients is to instill confidence in them from the very first meeting. Silverado does this effortlessly with a strong first impression that bespeaks capability, strength and dependability. The RST trim line projects a handsome appearance with body-color bumpers, center grille bar and door handles matched with high gloss Black mirror caps. It also offers standard 18-inch Bright Silver-painted aluminum wheels for a polished, bold appearance.

After a good meeting, it’s late afternoon and quitting time  ̶ not to mention it’s you and your wife’s anniversary. You head over to the self-service car wash to clean up your Silverado, pick up her gift at the jeweler’s, then return home to freshen up and take her out for a night on the town: a hard day’s work paired with a memorable evening.

But tomorrow is another workday, guaranteed to bring more calls, more emails and more meetings in your mobile office. There’ll be construction materials to haul, machinery to tow and hands to shake. You’re a building contractor and you’re darn good at what you do. And Silverado – the Swiss Army multi-tool of work trucks – is there day in, day out to provide you with the versatility to get it all done.