Getting It Done: DIY Projects with the Chevy Silverado

By: In The D Staff | January 31, 2018
A Contractor's Most Versatile Tool: Chevy Silverado

The life of a do-it-yourselfer can be arduous. From concept to completion, each project comes with its own set of hurdles. Designs must be made. Materials need to be purchased. And that’s not to mention all of the transportation you’ll be doing. Not only are you transporting your finished product to and from festivals, you’re transporting all of the materials you’ve sourced from different locations to your base of operations. Needless to say, transportation can be one of the toughest road bumps to clear on your road to DIY success.

“I think a carefully chosen mode of transportation is absolutely crucial for the serious DIYer,” said general manager of operations for Ferndale’s DIY Street Fair Mike Pierce. “If you can’t appropriately transport your goods from store to store or event to event, it defeats the entire purpose of being able to properly show off their creations.”

If you’re into DIY projects and getting things done, there’s a lot to like about the Chevy Silverado. There’s more space for storage (crucial to transporting materials and products), a lot of quality of life improvements and an updated truck bed that might be most versatile one yet.

If you’re a proud do-it-yourselfer/entrepreneur, the Silverado might just be your next vehicle of choice. Let’s see why.

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You can store more stuff than you could in previous Silverados

Let’s start with the most character-defining feature of any pickup truck: the bed. On the Silverado, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of space with a truck bed that’s almost seven inches wider than previous model years. There are also optional storage bins above the wheel wells and the second row of seats include storage compartments within the seats themselves. All of that amounts to more tools and supplies you can fit in one haul. Plus, you’ll keep all your precious cargo securely fastened with 12 tie-downs.

Loading and unloading is just a little bit easier

While it’s all well and good that you can store more stuff in the Silverado, there’s something to be said about the ease of which you’ll be able to get in and out of your truck bed. If you’re taking your projects on the road from time to time (or all the time), making the loading/unloading process a little bit easier goes a long way.

“Time and time again, I’m moving large items such as displays, furniture, large materials and a multitude of product both handmade and vintage,” said Tooth & Nail Oddities owner Stacy Dumas. “A truck is the perfect tool to help assist an artist or crafter.”

That’s where two key improvements will make your DIY heart sing: larger footwells on the CornerStep rear bumper and available power-up/down liftgate. The former will let you open your liftgate effortlessly with the push of a button and the latter will ensure, even if you’re wearing the biggest of boots, you’ll be able to step right up.

Transporting your creations to the show

With all of the aforementioned transportation you’ll be doing, a pickup truck like the Chevy Silverado can help you get there safely. A two-inch factory lift kit will put your mind at ease by giving you some added clearance, should you need to travel on rough terrain, like into nature for more authentic crafting materials or through Michigan’s sporadic weather on your way to the show.

If your labor of love is something you plan to take on the road with you to a DIY show, like say Ferndale’s DIY Street Fair, a pickup truck can help make transportation and setup a cinch. And no one knows that better than Pierce.

“In a matter of a few hours, we’re basically setting up an entire micro-city within the streets of Ferndale,” Pierce said. “A lot of serious DIYers are pulling up to their spot with a jam-packed truck or trailer filled with their goods”

The truck bed is the perfect pop-up shop/display

Now that you’ve made it to the show, put it in park, drop the liftgate and set up shop. Because of that entrepreneurial spirit, I bet you’ve already crafted a well-made display for the bed of the Silverado and a 120-volt outlet (perfect for some strip lighting) and LED Rear Task Lighting will make that puppy shine. Sometimes, it’s good to stand out.

How do you think you’ll be using the Chevy Silverado in your life? Whether it’s a passion project or your life’s work, the Silverado is here to help make it a reality.