Exploring with Ease: How the Chevy Trax Transforms Weekend Getaways

By: Carolyn Hall | April 12, 2024
red trax rs driving through a tree scape

Looking for a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? A weekend getaway in the all-new 2024 Trax is the perfect remedy! Weekend escapes are a great way to reset and relax before getting back into your weekly routine. Whether you’re going for a spa retreat experience or getting out in nature in our beautiful state, a journey with the 2024 Trax is everything you could want and more. When the call of the wild (or the cityscapes) beckons, the Trax is the perfect vehicle to whisk you away to wherever is calling to you, Michigan and beyond. 

Compact Yet Capable

Looking for the spaciousness of an SUV without feeling too bulky on the road? The 2024 Trax is 11 inches longer and 2 inches wider than its previous model year, but this smaller SUV is still compact and more capable than ever before. With an additional 3 inches of rear leg room and nearly 6 cu. ft. more cargo space1, this Trax adds comfortability without becoming an oversized SUV. Whether navigating through lively city streets or narrow roads of quaint small towns, the Trax is perfectly sized for any adventure. Thinking of visiting a popular weekend destination in Michigan? The 2024 Trax offers a reliable ride that allows more time for exploring and less time worrying about getting to your destination.

Ready for Adventure

Whether you're going out on a fishing trip, discovering new hiking spots, or heading out for a weekend of camping, the Trailblazer is an ideal companion for your active lifestyle.

The 2024 Trax offers a surprisingly spacious cargo area for its size, along with versatile seating configurations. With up to 54.1 cu. ft. of max cargo space1, you’ll have room for camping gear, sporting equipment, or weekend bags for trips to one of the Great Lakes. Comfortably seating up to 5, the Trax is great for a small group getaway or a solo trip. With fewer passengers, travelers can utilize the 60/40 split-folding second-row seats to conveniently fit more gear for a weekend adventure. Choose to quickly fold one or both sides of the seats up or down to make your Trax fit your needs. No matter if your weekend plans are set for exploration or more laid-back, know you have versatile storage with the 2024 Trax. 

woman folding down back seat of the trax
Seat 5 comfortably or fold the seats down for more cargo space.

Economical Journeys

Heading on a spontaneous road trip or wanting to extend weekend adventures without breaking the bank? The all-new 2024 Trax helps keep trips economical with its fuel efficiency, and by traveling further for less, weekend getaways can be a more consistent plan. This entry-level SUV has an EPA-estimated 30 mpg combined city/highway fuel economy2, so your explorations shouldn’t be overshadowed by frequent gas station stops. This efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of performance, though. The Trax’s peppy 1.2L turbo engine ensures you have enough power to tackle highways and country roads alike, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination. 

Stay Connected and Safe

With the 2024 Trax, technology and safety features go hand in hand. Chevy Safety Assist3 is a suite of six features designed to help keep you and your passengers safe on the road, including lane keep assist with lane departure warning, forward collision alert and automatic emergency braking, following distance indicator, and more. Many of these safety indicators appear on the Driver Information Center, keeping you aware of happenings in your line of sight while driving. When exploring new terrains or driving on unfamiliar roads, these safety features can help mitigate risks and offer peace of mind on your journey.

As for technology, features in the Trax such as Wireless Apple CarPlay™4, Wireless Android Auto™5, Bluetooth audio streaming6, and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities7 help passengers stay connected and entertained on longer drives. To keep all of those devices charged, there are USB ports8 and Wireless Charging9 available in the Trax. Whether it’s streaming music, navigating to hidden gems, or keeping up with social media, these technologies enhance the road trip experience by keeping everyone engaged and informed. 

Easy Lifestyle Integration

Rather than just a means of transportation, the Trax is a catalyst for making memories. With a choice of 5 trims and 10 colors, your Trax can match your personality and lifestyle all in one. With options like the RS trims that showcase a sporty design and unique grille or the more muscular and monochromatic ACTIV, there is a Trax for every adventurer. No matter where your Trax leads, enjoy your journey with stunning views from the available power sunroof and active noise cancellation keeping the ride as peaceful as you want. Perfect for solo travelers seeking solitude or a group of friends embarking on an adventure, the all-new 2024 Trax elevates weekend getaways to the next level. 

zoomed in grille of a red trax rs
The grille on the Trax RS stands out even more!

It’s not completely about where you can go, but also how you get there. With the Trax, the journey itself becomes part of the adventure, offering comfort, convenience, and confidence on the road. Its blend of efficiency, versatility, and safety makes it the perfect companion for those weekend trips, whether you’re seeking quiet amidst nature, adventure on the lakeshores, or cultural enrichment in the cities. Pack your bags, pick a destination, and let the Chevy Trax lead the way to unforgettable experiences.