Is Your Vehicle Ready For Winter?

By: Aaron B. Cohen | December 1, 2021
Winter Driving

Metro Detroiters are experts when it comes to winter driving. From the time we first get behind the wheel as teenagers, we are taught to navigate snow and ice with a level of precaution unknown in warmer states. But practice is only half the battle. In order to safely traverse the elements, you need a vehicle suited to take on the task. It is imperative to your own safety – and the safety of others – that you take the necessary steps to ensure your vehicle is ready for the winter. Before you hit the road, check out these quick tips that might save you a lot of trouble later on.

Tire Quality and Pressure

As soon as the weather starts showing signs of freezing over, it is essential to check the status of your tires. Cold weather naturally causes your tires to deflate, so remember to keep up on filling them when necessary, which can be done at most gas stations). Flat tires aren’t the only thing you should be thinking about. When the tire pressure is low, you lose control of your vehicle, which can create dangerous situations on the road – especially when you throw snow and ice into the equation. 

You also want to check on the overall health of the tread. If you’ve gone a long time without a rotation, it’s very possible the traction of your tires is compromised, which can also result in skidding out. Tires can be rotated/changed at many local establishments, so if necessary, find one close to you and take care of it before it causes a problem.

Winter Wipers

Every Michigan driver knows the feeling of getting into the car on a freezing day, only to discover that the vehicle’s wiper blades are covered in snow, or even worse, completely frozen to the windshield. Winter wiper blades are built for the elements and constructed to be heavier, and more durable than standard blades. You’ll be glad you spent a few extra bucks to save yourself the hassle of scrapping down your entire windshield for days on end.

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Wiper Fluid

Freeze-resistant wiper fluid is key for those snowy days. It allows you to keep your field of vision clear regardless of what’s going on outside. You can purchase fluid at any auto shop, or get topped off wherever you get your oil changed (many establishments provide free wiper fluid for returning customers).

If you’re looking for an upgrade…

If you’re on the market for a new vehicle, remember that for at least a quarter of every year, your car will need to handle the extremes of Michigan weather. Consider choosing an option that features winter-friendly attributes, like four-wheel or all-wheel drive, winterized tires, and emergency braking. It’s also important to consider your comfort. Heated seats and steering wheels may seem unnecessary to some, but in the heart of February, it can make all the difference in the enjoyment of your commute.