Keeping Up The Pace With The Chevy Blazer

By: Carolyn Hall | May 22, 2024
couple waiting aside their blazer

For families who thrive on the go, with sports and activities, clubs, and commitments, the need for a vehicle that keeps up with their pace is essential. Enter the Chevy Blazer, a midsize SUV that not only handles the daily hustle but also enhances it. Built on adaptability and convenience, the 2024 Blazer fits your lifestyle without compromising on features or style. For a family constantly on the road, a trusty companion is a must-have for the day-to-day and beyond.

Morning Rush: School Drop-offs and Quick Getaways

Mornings are a whirlwind of activity in a bustling household. From school drop-offs to last-minute errands, the Chevy Blazer is equipped to handle it all with ease. Its spacious interior comfortably seats up to five passengers, ensuring that everyone—from the toddler in a car seat to the teenager with a school project—has ample space. The available power-programmable liftgate makes loading and unloading school backpacks and sports gear needed for a busy day a breeze. With the touch of a button (or the wave of a foot with the available Hands-Free Gesture liftgate), the liftgate raises to a programmable height and lowers just as easily. With tap-and-go technology, the 2024 Blazer guides you through navigating to your daily stops with quick touches on its standard 10.2” diagonal color touch-screen. 

family loading items into the cargo space of the blazer.
Load the family and everything you need for the day with ease.

Midday Moves: From Office to Offside Calls

For parents, the Blazer offers a quiet retreat between the office and the practice fields. Play music, find directions, answer calls, and more by utilizing Wireless Apple CarPlay1 or Android Auto2. These connect your device to the Blazer’s Infotainment 3 System and keep your hands free on the road. Active Noise Cancellation in the cabin allows for peaceful moments of respite or important calls without the interruption of road noise, helping you focus on what matters. The standard Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities3 take connectivity to the next level, helping your devices stay online when you’re out and about. Additionally, wireless charging4 helps devices stay charged and ready to go while you’re on the road. No matter where the day leads, parents and kids can both stay connected and powered up for any journey with the Blazer. 

turning on the blazer's wifi capabilities
Connectivity in the car has never been simpler with the Blazer’s Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities3.

After-School Agility: Sports Practices and Spontaneous Playdates

As school ends, the Blazer’s versatility shines. Its agile handling and robust safety features provide peace of mind as you navigate through busy streets to reach various after-school activities. Chevy Safety Assist5, a suite of six safety features shines with Front Pedestrian Braking, Automatic Emergency Braking, and more. Other standout safety features for families include Teen Driver Technology6 and Rear Seat Reminders7.  For after-school pick-ups, the second row’s 60/40 split-folding feature allows for flexible configurations, easily accommodating a mix of passengers and sports equipment. Whether you’re picking up the team to carpool to practice, heading to after-school playdates, or making stops at the local library, have the confidence of the Blazer on your journey. 

Evening Escapades: Games, Groceries, and Get-Togethers

After the games, it’s off to the grocery store or a family dinner out. Start the Blazer remotely with Remote Start, activating the dual-zone climate control system before you even reach the doors. This SUV will comfortably preset your temperature to personal preferences for warmth or cooling. Also perfect for those evening drives are the Blazer’s available Adaptive Cruise Control8, helping to manage the stress of rush hour traffic. Working just like regular cruise control, this feature is enhanced to automatically detect vehicles ahead of you with a driver-selected following gap. After a busy or stressful day, extra assistance and safety capabilities on the road are there to lend a helping hand. 

blazer outside high score ice cream and arcade with family going inside
Family outings are a breeze with the Chevy Blazer!

Weekend Warrior: Tournaments and Trail Rides

Come the weekend, the Blazer truly proves its tenacity. Whether it’s a soccer tournament or a family bike ride at the local park, the Blazer’s cargo management system and ample storage ensure that all gear is organized and accessible. Without compromising space for style, this sporty SUV has a 64.2 cu. ft. max cargo volume9, perfect for sporting equipment, sand toys for trips to the beach, or a packed lunch and blankets for family picnics in the park. And for those trips that take your family off the beaten path, confidently go as the available all-wheel drive system on the Blazer RS equips this SUV with available off-road10 and tow/haul11 driving modes. 

family loading the cargo space of the blazer with a guitae case
Easily store instruments, sporting gear, and more in the Blazer.

More Than Just Transportation

The Chevy Blazer is a mobile command center for managing the active lifestyles of modern families. With its stylish design, powerful performance, and thoughtful features, the Blazer isn’t just part of the family’s daily routine—it elevates it, making every journey more enjoyable and efficient. As they say, life doesn’t slow down, and with the Chevy Blazer, you don’t have to either.