Light Up the Night: How the Chevy Trax Elevates Your Evening Escapades

By: Carolyn Hall | February 8, 2024
yellow trax alongside the detroit river and ambassador bridge wutg downtown detroit skyline in the distance

The all-new 2024 Chevy Trax is now a bigger and bolder, yet more refined SUV with a larger body size. Perfect for those with an active lifestyle and a filled social calendar, the Trax is ready for it all. Whether you’re out for date night or a night on the town with friends, the Trax will only enhance your time. Ideal for navigating busy city streets and easily parking in crowded areas when you’re out for the night, the Trax is the ultimate night-out companion. 

Entertainment and Connectivity on the Go

The Trax is equipped with an advanced infotainment system, a focal point for those who enjoy music and staying connected socially while on the go. This small SUV’s infotainment system is presented on the available 11-inch diagonal display screen1 and offers must-have capabilities. While heading out for the evening, connect wirelessly with Apple CarPlay2 or Android Auto3 and stream your favorite playlist. Need to charge your device before you make your appearance? Wireless charging4 is also available with the 2024 Trax. If you’re finalizing plans with friends, enjoy standard wireless phone integration5 and an available built-in Wi-Fi hotspot6 in this SUV. Prepared for every modern driver’s plans, the Trax’s tech-forward features improve every drive. 

two women in a trax, with the passenger connecting to apple carplay
Connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for music, directions, and more connectivity features.

Spacious Comfort for Every Adventure

skating rink trax

Skate through your day with the confidence and style of the Chevy Trax. With its bold design and advanced features, the Trax is built for those always on the move.

With more room than ever, comfortably seat 5 and enjoy an even better ride. With its spacious and versatile interior, the perfect night doesn’t have to be too far away. Carpool with friends for your night out, or utilize the 54.1 cu. ft. max. cargo area7 for your night-out essentials. Compared to the previous model year, you’ll find 3 more inches of rear legroom, perfect for your taller passengers. Or if you’re bringing the party with you, there’s nearly 6 cu. ft. more7 cargo space. Perfect for party supplies or luggage for a night away, this SUV doesn’t compromise passenger comfort for storage space. 

empty cargo space in the trax with the drivers side back seat folded down.
The perfect amount of cargo space to pack a picnic or for an overnight trip!

Economical Without Compromising the Fun

Get more bang for your buck with the all-new Trax. Even as an entry-level SUV, the Trax has loads of standard features that make each ride more convenient. Have plans for dinner out or taking a trip for the evening? With the 2024 Trax, worrying about frequent fuel refills has become a thing of the past. This SUV has an estimated 28 mpg fuel economy8 for city driving and 32 mpg for highways. With an approximate fuel tank capacity of 13.2 gallons and a capless fuel fill feature, you’ll find your gas station trips less frequent and your hands clean when you stop. No matter where your night takes you, the Chevy Trax will be along for the ride. 

Safety When It Matters Most

Safety is of the utmost importance, and the Chevy Trax keeps yours in mind. With this SUV, you’ll find Chevy Standard Safety Assist9, a suite of features that prioritizes safely getting to and from your destination, wherever that may be. These features include automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert, front pedestrian braking, following distance indicator, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, and IntelliBeam auto high beams, which are especially useful for nighttime driving. For a worry-free night out, the Trax also has alerts for rear cross-traffic and side blind zones with lane change as additional available safety features. While you enjoy your night out, the Trax has you covered. 

Style That Matches the City Lights

With 5 trim options, the Trax can be the perfect complement as it fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Pick from options like the sporty RS model, the simple and sleek LT, or the muscular ACTIV trim. The LT offers comfortable features like automatic climate control, and the ACTIV has a monochromatic look with unique interior accents. After selecting a trim, pick from a range of bold colorways for your SUV. The stylish exterior and modern features make the Trax an SUV you will love to drive to and from your plans. Pull up in style and set the tone for an entertaining night out.

For those with an active social lifestyle and enjoy evenings out on the town, the all-new 2024 Chevy Trax is the SUV for you. Find every journey, from short city hops to longer drives, a pleasure, with its comfortable interior and technologically advanced capabilities. With the suite of safety features, you’ll have extra peace of mind to accompany your drives. As a combination of style, efficiency, and versatility, the Chevy Trax enhances every journey, one drive at a time.