Modern Performance, Classic Games: A Road Trip in the Chevy Equinox

By: Toni Cunningham | February 16, 2018
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It’s a familiar cry at the beginning of a road trip. Grown people racing to get “the best seat” for a long ride. However, the smartest of us will never throw our hats into that ring because we know the secret.

The backseat is where it’s at.

Many adults have forgotten about the freedom that the backseat provides. They have forgotten about the days when climbing to the rear of the car for a road trip wasn’t a chore, but instead it was the beginning of something exciting!

Explore Metro Detroit in a vehicle built for discovery. Chevy Equinox combines sleek looks, maximum comfort and cutting edge entertainment to navigate your city in style.

Before there were tablets and smartphones, there were road trip games. Whether it’s your kids who fill the backseats or your friends, the Chevy Equinox provides the perfect space to remember those simpler times. So put down the tablet (for now) and let’s play some of these classic games.

The Alphabet Game

This one is pretty simple. Keep your eyes peeled for signs, license plates, names on buildings, and point out words in order from A to Z.

Example – Alabama license plate, Burger King, Coffee, etc.

While this game seems like it would move pretty quickly, you might just be searching for a word that starts with the letter “X” for quite a while.

*Hint – if you get stuck searching for the letter “O”, just look up and point out the available OnStar®!

The Movie Game

You’ve got to have pretty good memory recall for this one! The first person gets to name any movie they want. The next person in line has to name an actor that was in said movie. The person after that, has to name a movie that the actor that was just named was in.

Example – Tom Hanks >> You’ve Got Mail >> Steve Zahn >> That Thing You Do!

This one can get pretty tough pretty quick if you or your friends are movie aficionados so be prepared for some arguments and don’t worry, the 4G LTE Wi-Fi in the Chevy Equinox will allow you to check IMDB on your smartphone, should you need to defend your answer.

License Plates

While the Equinox does have an available 8-inch diagonal Color Touch screen with navigation, for this game you will want to reach into the map pocket behind the driver’s seat, and grab the folded map you probably forgot was in there.  Once you’ve got that massive paper open, start looking out for license plates from different states, and color in the states on the map. Don’t stop until it’s all filled out!

I’m Going on a Picnic

If your memory is suspect, this probably isn’t the game for you. However, let’s give it a shot, shall we?

The first person starts by saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I am bringing ….” and then they state an item that they want to take with them. The next person then says “I’m going on a picnic and I am bringing…” and it is up to them to say what the first person is bringing, as well as what they would like to bring. The third person then goes and adds to the list. Not only is this game fun, but it also helps to strengthen that suspect memory of yours!

So, go on…climb in the back of the Chevy Equinox and have some old fashioned fun! And who knows….one of your buddies might have stashed away some snacks. People in the backseat always have the best access to snacks.