Motor City Camaro Club Takes Dream Cruise By Storm

By: Aaron B. Cohen | August 14, 2023

Roc Morrow's 2018 Camaro SS - winner of the 2020 Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Virtual Cruise

Perhaps you’ve never heard of the Motor City Camaro Club. But if you live anywhere within arms reach of Woodward Avenue, you’ve definitely heard them.

That’s because each year, as Metro Detroit dives headfirst into its annual Dream Cruise madness, the 200+ members of this iconic automotive organization rev their engines and take to the streets in a display that is equal parts passion and fanfare…

For Roc Morrow, MCCC’s current president, the excitement was palpable through the phone. For him, the Camaro is a tradition that goes well beyond car ownership.

“It’s like a family reunion,” Roc said. “It’s not just a day to us. It’s an entire week. It’s an opportunity to show the work we’ve been doing on our cars. To talk about what we’re planning on doing. When we drive down Woodward together… park together… it turns a lot of heads. We love promoting the brand, showcasing the brand, and driving our American classics.”

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And make no mistake, the Camaro – especially in this town – is a classic.

Since 1967, Metro Detroiters have gravitated toward the sleek, powerful lines and souped-up engines that define the iconic model. Much of this is due to the vehicle’s inherent versatility and potential for post-purchase modification.

“It’s always been a vehicle that’s affordable because it comes in so many different trims,” Roc explained. “It’s been a staple since ‘67. You can build it to go fast. To cruise. The Camaro is up there with the greatest sports cars ever created.”

Perhaps that accounts for the club’s broad appeal. According to Dawn Ledbetter, Treasurer, diversity is one of MCCC’s defining characteristics.

“We have people approaching 80 and kids that are 18,” she said. “Everyone is welcome. We’re looking for fun, like-minded people that share our enthusiasm.”

That passion for community bleeds into all aspects of the club’s operations, whether it’s by way of donation or partnering with the Detroit Police Department.

This year, The Motor City Camaro Club partnered with the DMan Foundation for Dreams Come True on Woodward – a cruise event providing paraplegic and quadriplegic individuals the opportunity to experience riding in a tricked-out sports car.

“It felt good to be able to give back and put a smile on people’s faces. We always try to be grateful for what we’ve got and give that blessing back to others.”

Check out the official Motor City Camaro Club website for more information about the club, upcoming events, and membership.