And the Crowd Goes Wild! High School Football Playoffs are in Session!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 19, 2012
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The past 3 months have come down to a win or go home situation to claim your team as the undisputed champion of your division.  A season that started off in the blazing sun running suicides and having two-a-day practices.  Working hard for the chance to earn a spot in one of the intense tournaments in the state of Michigan.

That is correct.  Michigan High School Football Playoffs are now in session.

Every Friday night since late August, students, parents, faculty, alumni and fans packed the stadiums of high schools all around the state.  They got decked out in their school colors and cheered on their school.

Now it is time to root for your team in the playoffs where they fight for what they have been working towards all season, the Michigan High School Athletic Association Championship at Ford Field.

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I had the privilege of attending a high school that has built up a strong tradition over the years that made both home and away football games that much more exciting.  I am very proud to call myself a Detroit Catholic Central Shamrock alumnus and know the type of atmosphere that is present during these games.  The camaraderie between the players on each team brings a feeling of electricity to the field.

When a big play happens, the crowd goes wild.  When a touchdown scores, get ready to hear the school’s fight song!  Also, you will more than likely hear the ringing of a cowbell to fire up a team.

This is just an example of the atmosphere that exists at high school football games and only becomes more bone-chilling with every playoff win.  Every week leading up to the next game brings a sense of pride to the school that gives a team the feeling that it won’t be denied.