Celebrate Dad, your everyday hero, this Father’s Day!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 14, 2012
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How do you spell hero? For millions of kids and adults alike it is very simple… they spell it D-A-D.  As we gear up for this Father’s Day Weekend, we look forward to celebrating all things dad!

Each and every day, fathers across the country and around the world prove time and again that they are heroes to their children. Whether it is teaching their son to throw a baseball or watching their daughter pirouette across the stage, dads are there, day in and day out, to catch every special moment they can.

So, while dads spend each day creating memories for their kids, one day out of the year we take the time to create special memories for them. June 17, 2012 is Father’s Day and we want to help you do it up right!

Here are just a few ideas to help make this Father’s Day the best one ever!

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First, there is that all-important gift if you are looking to go that route. Here are five great ideas to get dad this year.

Swiss army knife or Leatherman. These all encompassing, handy dandy tools can be used for a multitude of things. Whether fishing, golfing or just fixing little things around the house, a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman is a practical and thoughtful gift for dad.

Grilling tools.  If your dad is the master of his grill and loves to cook for the family on warm, sunny evenings… Or especially if he loves to grill any time, even when it is 50 degrees and raining out, then grilling tools are a great choice for a gift! There are some wonderful sets that come with all the tools and spices any grill master could ever want.

Sports Tickets. For the father that cannot get enough of sports, buy him (and the rest of the family) tickets to a local sporting event. Make a family day of it or even just a day for the two of you and help Dad cheer on his favorite team.

Golf clubs or other golf items.  If your dad is a golfer, surprise him with some new irons or a driver. If he already has the clubs he needs, then you can always pick up some tees, golf balls or other golf paraphernalia to help dad shave a few strokes off his game! Or, better yet take pops out golfing and make a special day of it.

Fishing Gear. For the outdoors enthusiast, a new fishing pole, tackle box or awesome fly or lure can be a great gift! Maybe couple this with a coupon for a free afternoon of fishing. For many dads it is tough to get some time away. This might be the perfect gift for yours.

If your family is more about the day being the gift and not necessarily just a present, there are many other things you can do to make Father’s Day a special one for Dad…  Here are a few suggestions for a day of fun!

Take your dad bowling. Spend the day at the lanes with your dad. Even if he is not a bowler, this can be a fun time for the whole family. In addition, there are many lanes that offer bumper bowling. This can be helpful for families with younger kids… and novice dads!

Take your dad to the park. Pack a picnic lunch complete with many yummy desserts. Dad won’t have to worry about cooking and all he will need to do is lay on a blanket in the sun! Don’t forget to pack a football and/or baseball and glove for some one on one time for Dad and the kids.

Take your dad to the beach. If the weather cooperates and it is warm enough, pack a picnic lunch and hit the beach. Nothing spells fun like a day in the lake swimming with Dad!

Plan a cookout in honor of Dad. For once, let your dad surrender the barbeque tools and sit back and relax. Have Mom or the kids take turns (with proper supervision of course) as grill master for the day! See what fun and new recipes you can cook up on the old barbeque in honor of your pops. You never know, one of your teens may become the new budding chef of the family!

Take your dad to a car cruise. For the family who has a car enthusiast for a dad, there are many car cruises happening Father’s Day Weekend. Surprise your dad by taking him to one of these fun events. There is the Eyes on Design Automotive Exhibition (http://www.eyesondesigncarshow.com/) taking place in Grosse Pointe Shores on June 17, 2012. The Bakers of Milford Car Cruise (http://www.bakersofmilford.com) one of the largest weekly car cruises in the nation is also happening on Father’s Day. There is the annual Three Rivers Car, Truck and Bike show (http://www.hemmings.com/calendar) taking place on June 16, 2012. And finally there is Motor Muster (http://www.hfmgv.org/events/motorMuster.aspx) happening at Greenfield Village on June 16 and 17, 2012. Help Dad get his fill of great cars for the weekend!

Spend the day at home. Even if you don’t plan a grand day out, sometimes just staying home and spending quality time as a family can make for the best Father’s Day ever. Plus, there are many fun things you can do at home with dad. Have a family game day… Just be sure to go easy on Dad and let him win a time or two since it is his day! You could also spend the day watching Dad themed movies, or you can pick a line up of all his favorites!

No matter what route you choose to go this Father’s Day, the most important thing is to let Dad know how much you love and appreciate him. Sometimes all the little things dads do tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But this Sunday is a great time to make sure Dad knows how wonderful he truly is!

Happy Father’s Day Dads!