Christmas Day Alternative Plans

By: Toni Cunningham | December 20, 2012
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Whether you celebrate a winter holiday other than Christmas, or you’ve simply had your fill of family togetherness, there are plenty of things you can do on December 25th that don’t involve rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Spend the day volunteering. Whether you’d like to donate your time to a soup kitchen for the day, or volunteer at a hospital, you can put a smile on someone’s face and help him or her have a Merry Christmas.
  • Go to the movies. Several flicks will be released on Christmas day this year, including Les Miserables, Django Unchained and Parental Guidance. Keep in mind; theatres get pretty packed on this particular holiday, so get there early if you want a good seat!
  • Treat yourself. Whether you want to check into a hotel for the day and relax, or create an at home spa, do whatever floats your boat. If you have a few days off work, you better enjoy it!
  • Have a board game/video game/movie marathon. If you don’t celebrate Christmas and/or are finished with your family festivities by noon, invite your like minded friends over for a day filled with movies, board games and some Wii action.
  • Get back into a hobby. Do you enjoy photography? Hop in your car and capture some scenery. Were you an avid scrapbooker before work took over your life? Dust off those crafting scissors and get to work!
  • Take a trip. If you can afford it, grab your honey or best friends and cruise down to Florida. Maybe hop on a plane to jolly ol’ England. At the very least, rent a cabin up north. Whatever your heart desires (and your wallet allows)!

If you feel like going the non-traditional route this year, don’t fret. With all the cooking, shopping and family time the holiday season entails, it’s understandable if by the time December 25 finally rolls around, you’d rather spend the day in seclusion.

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