Dog Day Afternoon… Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Pet!

By: Toni Cunningham | September 25, 2012
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Being a dog owner can be difficult at times, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Trust me, I know. On one hand, you have a cute, cuddly companion and a friend for life. On the other hand, said companion occasionally nibbles on your furniture. Luckily for them, their cute little faces can be their saving grace.

I’m sure that once my darling doggy gains some maturity (she’s a youngin’ at only five months), she’ll stop taking herself for walks and let me do the leading.

Whether you have a mild-mannered pooch or a frantic puppy like myself, it’s quite easy (and enjoyable) to spend the day with your pal out and about in Metro Detroit. Grab your pup, her leash and get ready to hit the town!

First stop: Get your dog outside and active! There are several parks and off-leash dog parks you can go to. Check out the Detroit Dog Parks website for a complete list of parks by city or county. Off-leash parks allow your well-trained dog to run free in a safe environment.

pup view with silverado

Make every outing a tail-wagging adventure with the Chevy Silverado, offering you the perfect blend of comfort and capability.

If a park isn’t your style, think outside the box and head somewhere like Drayton Plains Nature Center in Waterford. Dogs are allowed at the nature center as well as on the trails running along the Clinton River nearby. As long as your pup is on a leash, he or she is welcome inside the building, so you can both check out the wondrous 137 acres together.

By this time, you and your four-legged-friend have likely worked up an appetite. Stop at an outdoor restaurant for a quick bite, where your dog is welcome to join you on the patio. Restaurants like Pronto in Royal Oak allow you to tie your pup’s leash to the patio fence. While your waiter serves you a tasty lunch, he or she will also bring Fido a bowl of water. If you’re both looking for a break, you could also zip on through the drive through and enjoy some Sonic fries from the comfort of your own vehicle.

If your dog has behaved thus far, you are far luckier than I am. And if so, your pup deserves a treat! There are numerous dog bakeries in Metro Detroit that serve up special treats for your little buddy. Three Dog Bakery in Plymouth specializes in all-natural dog food and treats, which will surely satisfy both you and your pup. Even better, you can take your dog inside and let her pick out her own snack.

To top off your relaxing day with your dog, consider taking him or her for a stroll around the block before heading back home. After packing so much fun into one day, Spot might need a nap at that point, and you might too!