(Everything but Shopping) Black Friday!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 10, 2012
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What’s better to do the day after Thanksgiving then wake up at 4 am and shop?  Uhhhh… how about anything BUT that!

Many people look forward to Black Friday because of the chance to score amazing deals on electronics and big ticket items.  I, on the other hand, can’t STAND shopping.  Even if it isn’t on Black Friday, I don’t even enjoy shopping for myself.  When I have to go into a store or mall, I try to get in and out in the quickest time possible.

If you agree that waiting in line for hours doesn’t sound appealing, take a look at these Black Friday alternatives to shopping:

  • Since most people have the day off, why don’t you get together with friends? We all know the older and busier we get, the more difficult it is to make time for one another.  Start the weekend fun early!
  • If everybody is going to be at the mall then why not head over to the cinema and witness a motion picture?  Nobody likes sitting inside a crowded movie theatre so this is the perfect time to catch a flick!
  • How early is too early to hit up happy hour?  While everyone is running into each other inside stores, sit back and relax at one of your favorite establishments!
  • Chances are you consumed thousands of calories during Thanksgiving dinner so you will probably feel better about yourself after a good workout session.
  • Last but not least, why not enjoy your day off by sitting back on the couch worry-free?  If your job was to entertain family and friends the day before, then you won’t mind having a little time to yourself while everybody is out shopping!

Now, if my suggestions haven’t convinced you to avoid the crowds, here are some tips on how to survive Black Friday.

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