Get Dressed! Spring Clothing Guidelines

By: Toni Cunningham | March 17, 2013

I, for one, detest dressing for the Michigan climate during the winter months. Spring is like a breath of fresh air, when I can kick my winter coat to the curb and switch from snow boots to ballet flats. In case I’m on my way to losing male readers with all this fashion talk… FREE BEER if you make it to the end.

While spring means warmer temperatures, sunshine and overall happiness, it also seems that countless Michiganders are severely confused when it comes to dressing appropriately for the transitioning weather. If you (or a, uh… “friend”) fall into this category, please consider the following:

  1. The fact that the calendar declares March 20 as the first day of spring doesn’t necessarily mean it will magically be warm every day thereafter. Thus, if there is still snow on the ground and/or it is below a balmy 65 degrees, please, under no circumstances, step out of your home wearing flip-flops.
  2. In the same vein, if the mercury has risen high enough to where you can comfortably wear shorts, a skirt or a dress, for Pete’s sake, do NOT pair them with Uggs. Any other footwear that could be worn whilst snowshoeing is also unacceptable.
  3. If you’re lucky enough to hold a job in a casual work environment, keep the ol’ middle school length requirement for shorts, skirts, etc. in mind. As in, if the length of any of those items is questionable or exposes any sort of undergarment, change immediately. In case you weren’t aware, one should dress differently during working hours than they would out to a club on a Friday night.
  4. Just because you’ve said sayonara to your parka doesn’t mean a light, spring jacket isn’t in order. Sometimes I think people get confused at the sight of sunlight and become convinced that we reside on the West Coast. That’s not the case, and if you insist on walking through April’s showers sans outerwear, you’re going to get sick.
  5. I suppose this is just personal preference, but fellas, just say no to manpris and jorts. Please and thank you, sincerely, the female population of Metro Detroit and the rest of planet Earth.

When it comes down to it, let your personal style shine and let your freak flag fly as always! There’s a huge difference between expressing yourself (do!) and wearing a tube top to work because the temperature is one degree above freezing (definitely do not).

Also, I lied about the beer.

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