Global Cinema in the D: Cinema Lamont Highlights Important Films

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 27, 2019
Cinema Lamont

Photo Courtesy of Cinema Lamont.

Featuring films from Mexico, Italy, Japan and numerous other countries, Cinema Lamont is aiming to foster cross-cultural understanding through the power of world cinema.

The non-profit pop-up cinema showcases a wide-range of world cinema at various venues across Metro Detroit; from the Senate Theater, to The Michigan Theater, to even non-traditional screening locations like the Lost River.

Founder and president of Cinema Lamont, Josh Gardner, is a passionate cinephile and has over ten years of experience in film exhibition. He prides himself in bringing people together through the movie-going experience and believes that art, no matter where it originates, can inspire anyone.

“It’s a challenging time in the world with a lot dividing us, but art can bring people together,” Gardner said.

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Gardner has experience with film exhibition as he worked at the American Film Institute in Washington D.C. before moving to Detroit, and said that the diverse communities of the area allows Cinema Lamont to engage with people with all different backgrounds. This allows them to not only shine a light on cultures and lifestyles some might not be familiar with, but also engage with those who are familiar with the culture.

“The Metro Detroit area allows us to show a wide variety of films in numerous spaces. We have no boundaries and show a little bit of everything,” Gardner said.

Last summer saw Cinema Lamont host their biggest project yet in their first-ever Spanish Language Film Festival. The festival opened at Southwest Detroit’s Senate Theater and was headlined by the Penelope Cruz film, The Queen of Spain. This year, the group will be hosting an Arab Film Series that features new and classic films by Arab and Arab American filmmakers.

The festival also features films and programs that are directed and curated by women. This shines a light on the power of women directors, politicians, and community activists. The next installment of the series is set for Thursday, April 18 at the Arab American National Museum with a screening of Wild Relatives.

Midnight Family

Still from “Midnight Family.” Photo Courtesy of Cinema Lamont.

Cinema Lamont has plenty of exciting events coming up including a screening of the Mexican film, Midnight Family, as part of the Freep Film Festival on Thursday, April 11 at the Oloman Cafe. The group is also getting ready for their popular Cine Mexico Now, which will return for its third year this fall.

You can support Cinema Lamont and help them continue to bring important global cinema to Detroit by donating to the organization. You can keep up with all of their screenings and events on their website and Facebook page.