History, Sports and More: 5 Detroit-Based Podcasts

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 22, 2018
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Podcasting is a popular form of entertainment and there’s an ever-growing range of podcasts available to anyone at anytime these days. While podcasts like Serial and Stuff You Should Know are juggernauts in the industry, we thought we’d highlight some great shows that are produced in Detroit by Detroiters for Detroiters.

The Detroit History Podcast

If you’ve ever been interested in learning the history of Detroit in a succinct podcast form, The Detroit History Podcast is just that. Hosted by veteran Detroit journalist Tim Kiska, The Detroit History Podcast has produced a 10-episode first season, all of which are now available for listening, and they are working on its second season. Season two has already promised episodes on the 1943 Detroit riot, the final days of Harry Houdini, the 1957 Detroit Lions and more.

This Detroit Life

This Detroit Life is a new podcast that brings on guests from around Metro Detroit to talk about what they are working on in and for the City of Detroit. The podcast is part of the website of the same name and has featured guests, such as owners of restaurants, stores and more.

Twisted Storytellers

Hosted by Satori Shakoor, The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, which brings storytellers together for a monthly show at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, is now in podcast form. Each episode features a different storyteller with a different story. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you may even learn something. Produced by WDET, new episodes of the Twisted Storytellers podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts and the Google Play Store.

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IT in the D

This long-running podcast, which recently released its 268th episode, releases weekly episodes where a regular cast of hosts discuss their work in Metro Detroit, as well as interview local guests. Topics range from TEDxDetroit to local nonprofit organizations to technology experts and more.

Detroit Bad Boys

You haven’t met Pistons fans like these. Detroit Bad Boys was founded in 2005 and is dedicated to reporting on and following all things related to the Detroit Pistons basketball team. The podcast is released weekly and discusses the team in detail, whether that be summer league performance or possibility of making it to the playoffs.

If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, check out Podcast Detroit. They host “Free Podcast Day” the first Saturday of every month.