Horsepower is under the hood and on the road at the Dream Cruise

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 9, 2012
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Growing up in Michigan, I have always loved cars.  Muscle cars, fast cars, sports cars, classic cars… you name it.  I remember the first time my dad let me drive his Corvette (after a very long lecture) and it was the most fun I had ever had behind the wheel.

This kind of love and appreciation is rampant in the Motor City.  We are the home of the automobile.  For us, cars are more than just a way to get from a to b, or a product that we offer, they are a way of life.  A Michigan lifestyle, if you will. Enter the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Just listening to the sound of an engine start up gave me shivers as a kid.  From the deep and powerful rumble of a muscle car to the high and smooth whine of a high performance engine, that moment of ignition held so much promise for what was next to come.

When it comes to cars, we want the full experience.  We want to see them in action and hear them purr.  That’s exactly what is so great about the Woodward Dream Cruise.  Cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes cruise down Woodward Avenue all day and night, strutting their stuff.  You can still get the hands on experience too; plenty of cars will be parked on display – with their hoods up for everyone to ogle.

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The Dream Cruise is a serious mecca for car lovers.  People from all over the globe bring their beloved vehicles to Woodward Avenue every summer, making the Dream Cruise the largest single day car cruise in the world.  And the selection is incredible. From the classic cars we have grown up with, to modified hot rods and other rare finds, come August 18, Woodward Avenue will be an endless sea of horsepower at its finest.

Technically the Dream Cruise is only on Saturday, but over the years the event has taken over Friday as well.  There will also be some events on Thursday evening in Ferndale, for those of you who are chomping at the bit. The Cruise will take place up and down Woodward Avenue from 9 Mile Road to Orchard Lake.  There will be an assortment of entertainment for adults and children including: live music, kids’ games, movies, food and drink, shopping and don’t forget the cars!

This year, head to the Woodward Dream Cruise and embrace your inner horsepower by showing your Motor City pride.