How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Shopping!

By: Kate Chidester | December 11, 2012
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Ladies and gentlemen, the holiday shopping season is now in full swing! Whether you relish in making purchases up until the last store closes on Christmas Eve, or you grit your teeth together and sweat through every trip to the mall, keep these important tips in mind while braving the chaos!

  • Make a budget – Before you dive head first into your shopping, consider what you want to spend this holiday season… and then consider what you actually CAN spend without going broke. When you check your bank statement on December 26th, you won’t burst into (as many) tears.
  • Do your research – Pretty much every store around has a website with a helpful little section called “reviews.”  Why not go into big purchases feeling less panicked by knowing what to expect?
  • Create a separate email address – Not only do stores send out coupon offers and codes, but some send exclusive deals to shoppers who have registered with their website. By creating a separate email address, you can receive all of your shopping emails in one convenient place.
  • Check the newspaper circulars – For those of you who don’t subscribe to the newspaper, I suggest picking one up from your local 7-Eleven on the weekends. Not only do some store circulars contain coupon offers, they are also fun to look at and provide a plethora of weekly sale information, including door busters.
  • Visit online coupon sites – If nothing else, make sure to check sites like and for printable coupons and online codes. Shoppers post new deals to a vast number of stores on a daily basis.
  • Save all receipts and become familiar with store return policies – This one is extremely important. Even if you have managed to keep all of your receipts in a handy envelope, not knowing the store policy for getting a full refund can result in serious frustration and buyer’s remorse.

Good luck and have a safe and happy shopping season!