Lace up Your Cleats, It’s Time for Some Pick-up Football!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 24, 2012
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The weather has cooled down and fall is here.  What does that mean?  It means football is in full swing!

For many of you, Saturdays and Sundays are now dedicated to football.  Whether you are watching the game on TV or attending the event live, you want to be a part of the game.

Well, why don’t you get in the game?

There is nothing better than setting up your tailgate area and challenging the group of people next to you to a friendly (most of the time) game of pick-up football.  Michigan or Michigan State?  Challenge the opposing fans to a game to make it even more interesting and competitive!

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Pick-up football is very popular on Sunday afternoons.  It allows you to be a part of the action in your own way.  It gives people the chance to act as their favorite player.  “Look at that throw!  I’m Peyton Manning!”  Maybe you aren’t the best football player in the world, but in pick-up football, you can be!

There are some basic rules that need to be sorted out before the first snap.

The most important choice that needs to be made is whether to play tackle, touch, or flag football.  Once this is agreed on, it is time to pick teams.  The most ideal team play is 7-on-7.  However, it is possible to play with as few as two people per team.

That’s one of the best parts about playing pick-up football.  You don’t necessarily need 22 players to play a game.  All you need is a few bodies and a pigskin!

Pick-up football doesn’t have to be played on an actual football field, either.  It can be played in a backyard, at a park, or even in a parking lot.  If you choose to play on cement, proceed with extreme caution!

Everyday when I was in middle school I played football at recess.  It was by far my favorite 30 minutes of the day.  Rain or shine I never missed a snap.  “He’s at the 10…..the 5……TOUCHDOWN DETROIT LIONS!”

Even if it’s cold and rainy outside, that shouldn’t stop you from having a great time.  Personally, my favorite time to play is when it is raining out and we all slip in the mud.  It adds an extra element to the game that makes it even more exciting and strategic.

Every year on Thanksgiving since we were young kids, my friends and I have gotten together at our local high school to play “The Turkey Bowl.”  It is a 7-on-7 matchup where the first team to score 7 times, wins.  Whoever wins gets to take home the prized possession… the Turkey Trophy!

Whether you are waking up to play before dinner, or heading out after dinner to burn off some of those extra calories, it is always a great time.  Not only do you get to spend time with family and friends, but there are benefits of exercise mixed in with a day of fun.

So… are you ready for some football?