Local Theatres Bring New Movies to Your Living Room

By: In The D Staff | May 22, 2020
Virtual Cinema In the D

Photo Courtesy of Cinema Detroit.

Many Metro Detroit theaters pride themselves on showing audiences under-seen gems or independent films that you might not have heard of, but need to be seen. While it is not possible to go see these movies on the big screen, many local theaters are bringing these films to your screens at home. So if you’ve exhausted every option on your streaming services and want to help support local cinemas, check out these virtual screenings and events!

Cinema Detroit

The non-profit arthouse cinema, Cinema Detroit, closed its doors back in March but it’s helping cinephiles stay up to date on indie hits. The theater is offering virtual tickets to current independent films along with select film festivals for kids and even cat video lovers. A portion of all ticket sales goes towards Cinema Detroit so be sure to check out the full lineup on their website.

The Film Lab

When they were open, Hamtramck’s Film Lab specialized in showcasing unique films in a fun microbar setting. The theater is showcasing current independent films that you can watch with an online ticket, and you can even join the theater owners and special guests for discussion on select films during their Zoom chats. You have to register for the chat before the film starts and more information can be found on their website.

The Michigan Theater

The Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor is home to many events throughout the year, and the theater is continuing with virtual events during the Coronavirus pandemic. Every week the theater will have new films that you can purchase a virtual ticket to, which will also benefit the Michigan Theater Foundation. The theater will also be holding Twitch virtual watch parties for select movies where you can answer trivia questions and interact with the theater staff.

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Emagine Theaters

Emagine Theatres is bringing movies from independent studios into your homes with its virtual cinema program. Studios are offering their latest films to rent for 72 hour rental periods with proceeds going towards Emagine Theatres. You can check out the full list of available movies on Emagine’s website.