Metro Detroit Car Cruises and Shows… Motor City’s Favorite Pastime

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | July 19, 2012
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The sun is shining, everything is polished to a gleam, people are on their way… you are ready to show off your pride and joy.  Your baby.  Your car.

Here in Metro Detroit we take loving your car to a whole new level.  From the start of spring to the end of fall, car lovers all around the state take part in the time-honored tradition of car shows and cruises.

For owners, nothing compares to getting their car(s) ready for the big day; making sure every inch of the vehicle looks its best.  For the spectators (and the owners too), car shows offer an opportunity to see all types of cars from the past and the present. Classics, antiques, modified cars, hot rods, jalopies… models of all sorts will make an appearance.  Almost everyone has “their” car, their favorite above all others.  If they are lucky enough to actually own it then they usually can’t wait to show it off.  For those who are looking for a more hands-off way to appreciate their beloved automobile, a car show is often the perfect solution.

Car shows aren’t the only way the Motor city rears its fuel-injected head.  Cruises are also a popular way to show off your wheels.  No doubt most of you have at least heard of the Woodward Dream Cruise, Detroit’s iconic car cruise that takes place at the end of every summer.  The Woodward Dream Cruise may perhaps be the most well known cruise in Michigan, it certainly is not alone as there are dozens of similar, though smaller-scale, events throughout the year.  Cruises give people a great way to see the cars in action.  Plus there is a ton of nostalgia.  They’re a throwback to the times when that’s what people did on a Friday night.  Got in their ride and went for a spin.

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Car shows and cruises bring people from all walks of life together to share their appreciation for the automobile.  In Metro Detroit, cars are what we do; so it makes sense that we have an abundance of auto-spired events for everyone to enjoy.

Click here to see a list of car shows and cruises happening this summer and fall.


Photo is courtesy of a Share Your Chevy participant in the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers’ Parade of the Century. To see more Chevy’s that participated click here.