5 Michigan Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 25, 2016
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Halloween is less than a week away, which means you should probably start thinking about what costume you plan to wear to that upcoming Halloween party. You can go with the traditional vampire or attempt to pull off a Freddy Krueger, but why not try something more fun? Listed below are five celebrities with Michigan ties that could make for some fun costumes.


The Detroit raised rapper is always a popular choice at Halloween parties. You can rock sweatpants, a white tank top, a beanie, maybe some sunglasses and a plastic microphone. That will work fine, but if you want to turn some heads you should try being a bag of Eminems. Just put a plastic bag, preferably a garbage bag, over your body and tape printed out faces of Eminem all over. It might not be a scary Halloween costume, but it is a memorable one.


Dressing up as Madonna can be fun and you have plenty of outfits and styles to choose from her long career. But what would be even more creative is if you took one of Madonna’s most iconic songs, Material Girl, and used it as inspiration. Showing up as Madonna and then having a sample book of different materials, like rug samples, could make you the funniest person at the party.

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

Couples who show up to Halloween parties get extra credit points, especially when they are able to imitate a celebrity couple. One of the more iconic Michigan couples is Kate Upton (who was actually born in Michigan) and Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Justin Verlander. Verlander is easy as you can wear his jersey, some baseball pants, and a Tigers hat. Upton is a little trickier, but you need to at the very least wear a blonde wig. If you want to be a little creative, you can wear a Justin Upton jersey and a blond wig and see if people are clever enough to pick up on your joke.  

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Bruce Campbell

If you want a costume that cuts deep into geek culture, you should consider getting a Bruce Campbell as Ash from Evil Dead costume. Bruce Campbell is a very cool dude, and his most iconic character, Ash, is an easy halloween costume. Just get some 80’s inspired clothes, rip them up a little bit, and then get a small plastic chainsaw to put on your right hand. That last part might be a little difficult to pull off, but if you can do it, it will be very groovy.

Jim Harbaugh

We all know that the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry is intense, and call it a perfect timing, but this year’s game falls on Halloween weekend. If you are a Michigan fan, you can have some fun showing up as Jim Harbaugh. You can wear a blue Michigan shirt, find a blue hat, maybe wear a whistle around your neck, but the most important part of the outfit is the khakis. You have to wear the iconic khakis. If you get the uniform just right, your Michigan friends will love you, while State fans will likely get furious. That’s what rivalries are all about.

Most of the items you need for these costumes can be found at any retail store, but if you want to look for more traditional costumes you should check out stores like Screamers Costumes Halloween Superstore in Clinton Township and Lynch’s Inc. in Dearborn. Whatever you decide to go as this Halloween, make sure to have a fun and safe time!