Motor City Comedy Festival Returns with Big Talent and Bigger Laughs

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 16, 2019
Motor City Comedy Festival

Photo Credit: Zachary Burcar

Aiming to highlight the Metro Detroit area as a premier comic scene in the Midwest and the country, the third annual Motor City Comedy Festival returns with more talent, more variety, and more laughs.

The four-day festival kicks off on Thursday, September 19 at the Independent Comedy Club and Sanctuary in Hamtramck. Ant Hall and the Detroit Shipping Company will also play host to stand-up comedy shows throughout the weekend.

The main goal of the Motor City Comedy Festival is to show comedians across the country how strong Detroit’s comedy scene is. By getting headlining talent such as Cipha Sounds, Nicole Aimee Scheiber, Ron Taylor, Erik Griffin, Chris “CP” Powell, and Chris Gethard it shows the comedy landscape that it is viable to perform in Detroit.

Co-founder of the festival, Kyle Forsyth, said that it became apparent headliners would skip Detroit on their tours because they didn’t realize there was a large audience or even venues they could perform at. 

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“Detroit is such an underestimated city, and the comedy talent is so undervalued. We want to show that there is still great talent coming out of here and create more opportunities for comedians,” Forsyth said.

Over 30 comedians will perform throughout the weekend with talent coming from all over the world. Most venues will have shows starting at 5 p.m. running until 2 a.m. Forsyth said that they wanted to highlight all sorts of comedy and shows, including live podcasts, to show the wide range of opportunities in the comedy scene.

Motor City Comedy Festival

Photo Credit: Zachary Burcar.

“We offer a variety of comedy for everybody and we make it a point of booking comedians from seemingly every genre of comedy. Everyone is welcome and we hope they have a great time,” Forsyth said.

The festival will also feature workshops taking place throughout the weekend. The free workshops are for comedians who want to sharpen their skills or possibly even learn new traits that could help them evolve in the industry. Whether it’s workshops on stand up comedy, writing for TV, or even learning how to brand yourself, there’s plenty of opportunities to learn from talented comedians.

The non-profit organization takes the money raised from the festival and put it towards making the following year’s festival even better. It’s always evolving for the better and looking to help any aspiring comedians take their next step.

You can find the complete schedule of performances on the event’s website, along with ticket information and other ways you can get involved. Be sure to follow the event’s Facebook page for event updates and announcements.