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By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 19, 2014
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Detroit is one of those cities that has a rich history of art and culture in all forms, including music and film. What better way to showcase independent filmmakers, both local and from afar, than by celebrating them through festivals held here in Metro Detroit.

A lot of these features are from local filmmakers who want to highlight the beauty and optimism of a city that has had a lot of problems, negativity and backlash to say the least. The way I see it, Detroit is on its way back up and this is a perfect medium to showcase it!

The inaugural Freep Film Festival starts today and runs until Sunday. Its mission is to showcase documentaries that are relevant to Detroit, the region and Michigan. As I hinted toward earlier, these films celebrate what makes us unique, but also gives people a glimpse of the challenges we have faced.

The festival is presented by the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit Media Partnership. Films will be shown at The Fillmore and the Detroit Film Theater at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

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The lineup of films was selected and organized by the Free Press festival staff in collaboration with members of the Detroit Film Theater and The Fillmore.

Twelve films in total will be showing during the four-day festival. Check out the schedule. You can also purchase tickets online.

On another note, the Ann Arbor Film Festival is well past its inaugural year, as this will be the 52nd year of the festival. It starts on Tuesday, March 25 and goes until Sunday, March 30.

More than 200 films will be shown during the festival; with more than 30 premieres! You can check out the schedule here.  Films will be viewed in the Michigan TheaterState Theater and at UMMA Helmut Stern Auditorium.

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is the longest running independent film festival in North America, established in 1963. It is one of just a handful of Academy Award®-qualifying festivals and sees more than 2,500 submissions annually from more than 65 countries! You can purchase tickets online for this as well.

Film Festivals are a great way to see some incredible films from both local and national filmmakers, learn about what is going on in your area and to appreciate art in a new way. I would definitely recommend checking out at least one film!