NYE Party Planning 101

By: Toni Cunningham | December 30, 2012
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Nothing says “sayonara 2012” like packing 100 of your closest friends into your tiny apartment to ring in the New Year, right? If you’re choosing to throw a party to watch the ball drop, there are several things you must keep in mind:

  • Be sure the snacks are on the light side. A lot of people start off the New Year with a resolution to stick to a healthy diet, and you wouldn’t want to be the one to get them off on the wrong foot, would you? (Even if they’ll be back to their pizza eating, cake smashing ways by mid-February)
  • Provide noisemakers, and lots of them. If your gathering doesn’t involve pots and pans to clang together when the clock strikes 12, as well as obnoxious “2013” glasses, frankly, I won’t be interested in staying long.
  • Create the best playlist in the history of the world. C’mon people, New Year’s Eve is prime dancing time, and all you need to do is hook your iPod up to some speakers. It also allows you to laugh at how absurd this past year’s Top 40 songs really are. (“Gangnam Style,” I’m looking at you).
  • Make the dress code known. If you want to have a NYE pajama party, more power to you. But if you’re planning a black tie affair, you better make sure your guests know that they need to arrive in their Sunday best.
  • Keep the cocktails flowing. Make sure the bar is fully stocked, and leave a fishbowl by the front door so those who become inebriated are not able to drive themselves home. Key masters and designated drivers are a must! If need be, take a look at our list of trusty designated driver services in the area.

Finally, if you choose to involve a tossing of confetti at the stroke of midnight, know this: after the party guests clear out and the dust settles, you’ll be the one vacuuming up thousands of silver and gold stars come January 1.

Happy New Year!

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