Release Your Inner Lumberjack at Detroit Axe

By: Andrew Mentock | May 11, 2022

Axe throwing is far from a novel concept.

It’s a tactic employed in modern lumberjack competitions and by action stars in Hollywood blockbusters. Even Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, wields an axe in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Today, due to an increased number of axe-throwing venues in the United States, this once fabled activity is no longer reserved for the modern frontiersman or Norse God. 

Seven days a week, Metro Detroiters can throw axes at one of three Detroit Axe locations. Guests take turns throwing in sectioned-off lanes, aiming at a target spraypainted onto plywood.

It’s suitable for a variety of occasions; perfect for those planning a night out with friends, a family-friendly activity or a corporate event.


“The beauty of axe throwing is that anybody can do it,” said Geoff Kretchmer, who co-owns Detroit Axe with his business partner Brian Siegel. “The axes are only a pound and a half and with a little bit of instruction anyone can successfully stick an axe in the target.”

In conjunction with the Corner Grill, Bar and Gameroom, Detroit Axe opened its first location in Ferndale in 2017. Three years later, Detroit Axe added a second location in Partridge Creek.

Last October, Kretchmer and Siegel opened their first venue within Detroit city limits, moving into the rapidly developing neighborhood Corktown.

“We were bullish on Corktown and found a building that needed a ton of work but was in a perfect location,” Kretchmer said. “Brian is a world-class visionary, so I trusted him that we could turn this space into something special. We were also extremely excited about the potential of a significant outdoor space.

“Our Corktown property has over 12,000 square feet of outdoor space. It’s a great space right now with cornhole, fireplaces and a covered deck.”

Kretchmer says axe throwing is safe when done under the supervision of trained experts. At Detroit Axe, customers are taught by an axe master, who instructs them on proper throwing technique, as well as safety regulations.

This not only eases customer concerns, but enables novice axe throwers to improve rapidly. 

At that point, it’s easy for customers to lose themselves in friendly competition and to enjoy all of the amenities provided by Detroit Axe. All three locations have full bars, and the Detroit Axe venues in Corktown and Ferndale offer food via restaurant partnerships.

“Our places need to feel comfortable and welcoming,” Kretchmer said. “We desire to be the neighborhood hangout.  We accomplish this by providing outstanding service and building a unique space that incorporates several different entertainment components.  

“At both the Ferndale and Corktown locations, we have a board game wall with over 500 board games that has been an attraction to all of our guests from day one.”

Detroit Axe also caters to customers who view axe throwing as a hobby or budding passion. Leagues run at each venue, occurring throughout the week. 

“You compete as individuals,” Kretchmer said. “Some of our leagues are as big as 40 people.  It’s great fun to be at league night.  So many of the participants have developed friendships and they are full of such wonderful people.”

Through hard work, Kretchmer and Siegel created a brand catered around axe throwing in Detroit. Customers are drawn to the new and exciting sport, but the Detroit Axe experience consists of so much more.

“We are so proud of the unique experiences that our venues offer to all our guests,” Kretchmer said. “Whether it’s axes, board games or the expansive outdoor space at Corktown, our guests will have an opportunity to be a part of something very special.  We are pathological pleasers and every touch we have with a consumer is critically important to us.  

“We are fortunate to have such an incredibly talented team of service providers who also care deeply about every interaction that occurs between the venue and the guest.”