Snoopy Spectacular: A Must-See Collection In Metro Detroit

By: Carolyn Hall | May 1, 2024
mike's on the water snoopy banquet center

Photo of Mike's on the Water courtesy of Carolyn Hall

Many of us know Mike’s on the Water for its lively atmosphere, eclectic decorations, and dining on delicious seafood right on Lake St. Clair. A Nautical Mile staple since opening in May 2011, this restaurant is certainly an attraction, from its rooftop food truck and deck bar to Snoops Scoops™ ice cream truck and gift shop. An addition to Mike’s on the Water has recently been revealed, and we’ve got the scoop. 

The latest exciting expansion to Mike’s on the Water is a charity banquet center, decorated to the nines with Snoopy memorabilia. What started as a childhood collection with a heart-tugging story of owner Mike LeFevre has evolved into a 16,000+ piece display of Snoopy in different forms from all over the world. From limited editions and rarities to the mechanical toys that lived at the front of Kmart stores, this collection of the beloved Peanuts character is a must-see. 

Custom pieces and drawings from restaurant patrons are also featured, with each item having a story behind it. Mike LeFevre, often referred to as Snoop himself aims to share his love for Snoopy with his community. This expansion serves a dual purpose. The banquet room is a functional space for hosting up to 44 people for retirement celebrations, holiday gatherings, and more private parties in the off-season, along with being an extraordinary gallery that leaves viewers in awe with nostalgia. 

mike's on the water custom snoopy sign
Photo courtesy of Carolyn Hall

The new banquet room is designed to be both inviting and interactive. Guests are able to explore various displays and installations that highlight key pieces of the collection, and Mike often pops in to share stories about where he collected the various pieces. The integration of this personal passion into his business is attracting both longtime fans of the restaurant who are greeted like family and new visitors eager to experience this unique blend of memorabilia. The owner believes that this will create a new venue for community engagement and celebration.

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mike's custom snoopy boat
Photo courtesy of Carolyn Hall

To view the tribute to Snoopy yourself, there is no charge for entrance. Mr. LeFevre does ask for donations, however, as each month all of the proceeds go to a chosen charity, ranging from Wigs 4 Kids and the American Cancer Society to Angels Supporting Animals and more. For those busy days at Mike’s on the Water, check-in for a table and find your way to the banquet center to take in this impressive display. 

One visit likely won’t be enough (it wasn’t for me!) as there is something new to see in every space of the room. Each time you visit, your eye will catch on an item you may have missed before. It’s a treat for the senses, especially for fans of the Peanuts. 

snoopy plane
Photo courtesy of Carolyn Hall

As Metro Detroit continues to thrive as a hub of innovative dining and cultural experiences, Mike’s on the Water’s latest expansion is a testament to the creativity and passion that local entrepreneurs bring to the community. It’s clear that the new banquet room at Mike’s on the Water is set to become a cherished destination, making every visit a memorable experience. Check it out for a feel of home, excitement, and fun along with your next dinner on the water.