Spooky Season Begins: Haunted Houses in Metro Detroit

By: Katie Goncalves | September 5, 2023
Scarefest spooky castle

Photo courtesy of Scarefest Scream Park

As we’ve turned the corner into spooky season, many of us are looking for the perfectly frightening attraction to set the chill in our bones. We all know haunted houses are not created the same and there are varying levels of scary you can experience at each one. From just a touch of creepy to full-on terror, there are plenty of haunted houses in Metro Detroit ready to help you celebrate all throughout spooky season this year.


37550 Cherry Hill Road, Westland

Hush Haunted Attraction is a unique experience for spooky season fun. “Prepare yourself for an adventure filled with mystery, adventure, and horror, as you step into the 4th dimension at Hush Haunted Attraction. Dare to enter our 4 cryptic haunted attractions, where darkness unveils chilling secrets. Next, discover 3 secret bars hidden within the shadows, offering forbidden libations. Unravel the enigma of fear as the night embraces the unknown. Get ready to be thrilled beyond your wildest nightmares. Are you brave enough to venture into the haunting abyss of Hush? Join us, if you dare,” says Nathan Polanco, partner of Hush Haunted Attraction. They open for the season on September 29 and are open select days through November 4.

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hush haunted attraction
Photo courtesy of Hush Haunted Attraction


18 South Perry Street, Pontiac

Erebus Haunted Attraction is one of the area’s longest-standing haunted houses. Created by the Terebus brothers back in 2000, Erebus leads guests through a four-story walk of unique and terrifying paths. This year, you can go behind-the-scenes during Erebus’ brand new Making of the Monster Tour. Co-owner of Erebus Haunted Attraction, Ed Terebus, says, “The Making of the Monster tour is for grandparents, children, families, and friends, literally for everybody! Come see what my brother and I have been working on for 40 years… how we built it, what it took to get here, and why Metro Detroit has made us a fall tradition! All without the scares!” This new addition to Erebus’ lineup of events is styled as a walk-through documentary, showing tourists how Erebus was developed over time. Erebus Haunted Attraction is open most days from September 15 through November 4.

making of the monster tour
Photo courtesy of Erebus Haunted Attraction


5565 Merritt Road, Ypsilanti

Wiard’s Night Terrors is not one, but five different haunted attractions all in one. “On weekend nights we become Night Terrors, Michigan’s Premier Haunted Thrill Park offering 5 different Haunted Attractions sprawling almost 80 acres of terror. Our attractions include: The Wiard Asylum, The Ultimate Haunted Barn, The MindShaft, Alien Caged Clowns sideshow, and the Hayride Of The Lost. We’ve got community bon fires throughout the property, karaoke going on all night, entertainment throughout the property with wandering live action line entertainers breathing fire, swallowing swords, stilt walking, chasing you with chainsaws, and so much more!” says Travis Hill, Director of Operations for Wiard’s Night Terrors. They are open on weekends only starting September 16 through the end of October.

wiard's night terrors grounds
Photo courtesy of Wiard’s Night Terrors


34111 28 Mile Road, Lenox

Scarefest Scream Park has created a well-rounded experience for those looking for Halloween fun. Lauren Marino, Operations Manager of Scarefest Scream Park, says, “Since 2006, Scarefest Scream Park has set out to create a fun filled night with with 4 attractions, bar tent, food, games, scary movies and more. Scarefest Scream Park wants to show you and your friends/family a great evening, that’s why we have worked very hard to create attractions to suit all groups and personalities from our family-friendly Hayride of Doom to our more intense Castle of the Dead haunted house. Be sure to check out all that Scarefest Scream Park has to offer! Attractions include: The Hayride of Doom haunted hayride, the Castle of the Dead haunted house, the Forest of Darkness haunted forest walk, and the TerrorZone Maze haunted maze.” Scarefest Scream Park is open on weekends starting September 15 through the end of October.


35560 Goddard Road, Romulus

With a storyline involving a lost bus of campers, Deranged Haunted Attraction is sure to keep you creeped out even after leaving. Recommended for ages 13 and up, this haunted house pulls out all the stops with fog, lights, sounds, and other special effects. Deranged Haunted Attraction is open on weekends beginning at the end of September. There are also special events like the Parade of Lights and Deranged After Dark to amplify your scare factor.