Squared Circle Revue Presents “Year of the Snake Part Two”

By: Toni Cunningham | July 22, 2013
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At first thought, UFC fans might think they have nothing in common with Barnum & Bailey aficionados. However, Metro Detroit’s own Squared Circle Revue combines these seemingly different pastimes into one mega show: circus wrestling.

Casey Miller, creator, promoter and producer of Squared Circle Revue, describes it as Detroit’s own wrestling sideshow circus.

“(It’s) a mix of over-the-top character driven pro wrestling, combined with a live band, burlesque, aerial and sideshow performance,” Miller said.

How did his idea for circus wrestling come about, you might ask? After working for a Detroit-based Lucha Libre promotion for years, he decided to combine his circus-style performance art experience with what he had learned about the underground world of independent professional wrestling.

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Miller created the Squared Circle Revue in 2007, and since then, has put on three different shows a year. The upcoming event, Year of the Snake Part Two, will take place on Friday, July 26 at Hastings Street Ballroom, 715 E. Milwaukee St., Detroit.

The event is a follow-up to Part One, which took place this past April. According to Miller, the first Year of the Snake event left many questions unanswered.

“Who has the most famous legs in wrestling? Who has true control over the Wheel of Time and therefore has control over time travel? And who will leave the Year of the Snake as SCR champion? Year of the Snake Part Two will answer these questions,” Miller said.

The event will feature several matches, including the “Last Leg Standing,” pairing Pogo the One Legged Boy and “The Smoothest Legs in Wrestling” Sal Silk. Additionally, the SCR Championship match will feature Clowntown Brown and Ophidian the Snake.

“Also scheduled to appear are the Arizona Werewolves, The Terrible Toddler Baby Gaga and the world’s only Invisible Playboy Wrestler, Invisibill,” Miller said. “The Year of the Snake Part Two will also feature aerial performance, the enchantment of the snake dance, and more!”

The wrestlers of Squared Circle Revue obviously put time and effort into their unique monikers and characters. Miller says that’s the best part of SCR, in addition to the group’s great fans.

“The wrestlers that work SCR are the most creative and fun group of performance artists that I get to work with. Their ability to write and develop characters is amazing. They have an incredibly deep and complicated understanding of crowd psychology and how to tell a story without any words. Pro-wrestling is far more sophisticated than most people give it credit for,” Miller said.

He added that seeing non-wrestling fans fill seats at events and going crazy for a match is another one of his favorite aspects.

“Hearing them cheer the hero and jeer the villain, watching them celebrate a victory or being upset when their guy doesn’t win. They believe. It’s magic,” Miller said.

The card for Year of the Snake Part Two includes:

SCR Championship Match

Ophidian the Snake vs. Clowntown Brown

Last Leg Standing!

Pogo the One Legged Boy vs. “The Smoothest Legs in Wrestling” Sal Silk

Wheel of Time Battle for the Key

“The Phunky Pharaoh” Amasis vs. Chaz Montana vs. Eeegah the Caveman vs. The Brobot

Mixed Tag Team Toddler Turmoil

Baby Gaga & The Mommarazzi vs. Kreation Kontrol

Bible Belt Title Match

Alister Killfun III vs. TBA

Doors to Year of the Snake Part Two open at 9 p.m. and the first match kicks off an hour later. General admission costs $15, and front row seats will set you back $20. As a reminder, all Squared Circle Revue events are 18 and up, so keep the kids at home!

Whether you’re a fan of wrestling or not, who wouldn’t be just the slightest bit intrigued by a grown man called Baby Gaga? Unlike the Ringling Bros., this circus doesn’t feature any clowns, so you can leave your phobias at the door.

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