Tailgating… Moving Beyond the Bed of Your Truck

By: Kate Chidester | September 7, 2012
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With baseball season in full effect and football season right around the corner, there really is no better time to bring up the great tradition known as… Tailgating! Ah yes, tailgating. Evolving over the years, tailgating could be considered one of the greatest social gatherings for sports fans and non-sports fans alike! We might even venture to say that many of us anticipate the tailgate just as much as the event itself!

When it comes to tailgate preparation, the options are quite broad.  You can plan an elaborate parking lot spread, opt for the comfort of your living room and arrange a home-based tailgate fiesta, or enjoy the flexibility of little to no preparation at all.

I think most of us can agree that the short, no fuss list of tailgate staple items include a cooler stocked with your favorite beverage selection and some ice. These items set the tone for good times to be had by all! However, for those of you who are like me, I have advanced past my college days of caring less about planning the perfect tailgate, to now wanting to enjoy all things tailgate related. So naturally, my list of necessities has grown.

There are a few items you may want to consider packing along with your beverages: koozies to keep those beverages frosty, fold up chairs to kick back and relax, a portable grill to cook up your outdoor favorites, and a few thirst quenching games to help the active tailgater pump up for the main event. If you intend on traveling to several parking lot destinations, it isn’t a bad idea to invest in a cooler on wheels so you don’t find yourself chugging along carrying such a heavy, yet essential item.

Adventure starts with a vehicle that’s up for anything. Trailblazer combines comfort you want, the versatility you need, and the technology to make every moment count.

So for those of you veteran tailgaters… take a moment to think of someone you know who has maybe never had the desire to partake in this tradition and encourage them to give it a chance. Because who knows, that tailgate rookie may think of the next tailgate must-have that will further evolve this fantastic pastime.