The Mitten Movie Project

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 25, 2012
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Are you a filmmaker or do you know any aspiring filmmakers? Well, there is no better group for local Metro Detroit filmmakers to be associated with then the Mitten Movie Project (MMP).

The Mitten Movie project is a film festival that showcases local independent films the first Tuesday of the month at The Royal Oak Main Art Theatre. The MMP began in 2005 as InZerO, but once Connie Mangilin took over in 2007, the Mitten Movie Project evolved into the amazing film festival it is today. The purpose behind the MMP is to showcase talented local filmmakers and give them a venue where their films can be viewed.

The MMP screens many different kinds of films such as short movies, trailers, animated shows, documentaries and more. Regular attendance is 100 plus moviegoers per month. And though much of the focus is on local films, that is not necessarily a requirement. The only rule is that the film must be independent.

One of the unique things about the MMP is that, unlike other film festivals that take place once a year, the MMP shows films the first Tuesday of every month. They debut the very best that the local film industry has to offer. These independent films are chosen by Mangilin and there is no submission fee, which is rare in this industry. But for the MMP, it is just another way that they build the rapport of filmmakers and create a tight-knit community that everyone is proud to be associated with.

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The great thing about the MMP is that it is not just a boost for local filmmakers; it is also a place where movie buffs can go to catch a great film. This not only supports local industry, but also offers great entertainment to the surrounding community.

For more information about The Mitten Movie Project, to see a list of upcoming featured films or to find out how to submit your movie, please visit their website at