The Motor City Wheels Race into Comerica Park Today

By: Toni Cunningham | May 22, 2014
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Warm weather and baseball go together like beer and peanuts, and if there’s one thing us Metro Detroiters enjoy, it’s cheering on our Detroit sports teams. Today, your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers are debuting the people-powered Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Motor City Wheels Mascot Races, a racing family made up of classic Chevys, at Comerica Park.

The mascot races will take place at every home Tigers game all season long during the third inning break, and are made up of Petey Pickup (the oldest sibling, and a Chevy pickup truck), Bella Air (the only girl, and a Chevy Bel Air), and Corey Vette (the youngest sibling, a Chevy Corvette).

Each character has his or her own distinct personality—let’s get acquainted with the three of them, shall we?

Petey Pickup 

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The oldest sibling of the three, and the longest lasting, most dependable pickup on the road, Petey likes to work out his axles by driving on rough and tumble terrain. He also strength trains for eight hours a day, hauling and towing. When it comes to racing, Petey doesn’t hold back—but underneath his hood, he has an engine of gold.

Bella Air

A classy car and the middle child, Bella has both beauty and brawn, but doesn’t want to be overshadowed by her two siblings. More than just a pretty piece of machinery, Bella’s training regimen includes oil changes and tire rotations every 3,000 miles. You can often find her at the Belle Isle Grand Prix course doing practice laps.

Corey Vette

The baby of the family, Corey Vette is a speed demon who isn’t afraid to pop a wheelie for a good laugh. Corey is a crowd favorite, and although he’s sporty and naturally fast, he races for the attention. If he really needs some extra practice (which he usually doesn’t), Corey gets a few laps in at Waterford Hills. While he’s not as serious about racing as his two siblings, Corey has an extroverted personality fit for competition.

The Motor City Wheels racing family debuts with the first MDCD Motor City Wheels Mascot Race today, Thursday, May 22, as the Detroit Tigers face off against the Texas Rangers at 1:08 p.m. at Comerica Park.

For more information on Motor City Wheels, as well as additional character information and coloring pages for kids, visit Stay engaged with Petey, Bella and Corey by keeping up with them via social media! Head to the Motor City Wheels Facebook page for updates, and tweet them at @MotorCityWheels, using the hashtags #ChevyMascots and #MotorCityWheels.