The Ultimate Rivalry: Get Ready for Michigan vs. Michigan State!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 24, 2012
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Well, it’s that time of year again when friendships are forced to take a brief pause and pacts are made with people you don’t even know.  When friendly smack talk happens wherever you go including around the office, in school, online, or through text messages.

That’s right.  It is the day before the most majestic, intense, bitter sports rivalry game in the great state of Michigan.  It is the day where people are either wearing maize and blue or green and white.

Michigan State University vs. The University of Michigan.

Are you a Spartan or a Wolverine?  Either way, you are forced to choose one side and one side only.  You can’t be one of those fans that says, “I don’t care who wins” or, “I hope they both win!”

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Whoever wins will have the right to brag and rub in the victory until they meet again a year later.

So this year, who will take home the coveted “Paul Bunyan” trophy on October, 20th?  Who is the better team in the Legends division?

I was brave enough to get in the middle of some loyal smack talk between a group of friends and hear what they had to say about the upcoming game and the historic rivalry.

“The past four years has been Michigan State winning over Michigan,” Floyd said.  “For us Michigan fans, this is the year we feel we can get over the hump and beat up on the Spartans.”

“As a proud graduate of Michigan State University, there’s nothing more sacred, and fun, than the rivalry,” Sean said.  “I want nothing more than to beat them for the 5th straight year, proving that the Wolverines are simply not on the Spartans’ level.”

“The one thing that isn’t different is the must win attitude for both MSU and UofM fans that players have going into the game,” Ryan said.  “If Denard Robinson can get going early, it could be a long day for MSU.”

“Ever since Michigan came up with the Big Brother/Little Brother talk, it has all gone downhill for Michigan,” John said.  “Once MSU takes this 5th straight win, we will know who the powerhouse in the state of Michigan is.”

At the end of the day, half of the state will be ecstatic, while the other half will be more than disappointed.  However, the biggest excuse for the losing team will be, “Just wait till next year!”

Either the Wolverines will be “Hailing!” to the victors valiant or the Spartans will be “Rah! Rah! Rahing!” on the banks of the Red Cedar.