Top O’ the Mornin’ to Ya! St. Patrick’s Day in Metro D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 17, 2014
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After spending the past four St. Patty’s Days in a college town, I’m going to have to adjust to the post-graduate life and having a real job, but that doesn’t mean I won’t find time to celebrate. I do have Irish roots after all, if you couldn’t tell from my last name. Fun fact: the “O” followed by an apostrophe in my last name is said to mean either “grandson of” or “descendent of.” While another common prefix in Irish surnames, “Mac” is said to mean “son of.”

For those of you who took today off or those who were given the day off (lucky), what should you do? Drink beer of course. But what else can you accomplish to truly celebrate the holiday? If nothing else, here is a guide to have (potentially) the best St. Patrick’s Day ever.

Morning: You wake-up, put on your green attire and have a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast. Just kidding, if you want to get the full Irish effect, try some Irish Soda Bread from Breadsmith (locations in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Grosse Pointe Woods and Okemos) or Zingerman’s Bakehouse (Ann Arbor) for the most important meal of the day.

If you are really in the Irish spirit you can try making it yourself. You’ll need flour, sugar, salt, butter, raisins, eggs and buttermilk.  Look up the recipe online though because I am probably the last person that should be telling you how to bake.

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You should be recovered from yesterday’s 56th Detroit St. Patrick’s Day Parade, so it’s time to start consuming (green) beverages. Common Irish beer brands include Guinness, Beamish or Murphy’s, but as long as you have a cold one in hand, I don’t think anybody is going to harp on you for your beer of choice. Well, that probably isn’t true.

Afternoon: By this time you are likely at one of three stages: completely sober, slightly buzzed or you’re three sheets to the wind (aka there are already photos of you that you might pay for later). If you are still ready to party hard, it’s time to do the next thing on the agenda.

If you have a designated driver or can take a taxi, it’s time to head downtown. I would definitely suggest going to The Old Shillelagh while you’re down there. Doors open at 7 a.m. so you can get there whenever you want. It is by far one of the best bars to be at in Detroit for St. Patty’s Day. The Old Shillelagh has two large heated tents, live music, a photo booth and more. Motown Limo will be hanging around to get you home safely.

Another option is heading to the Gaelic League of Detroit for its annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Enjoy traditional music, food and just an overall good time. It is $10 for non-members.

Evening: Once you’re ready to head out of downtown, consider attending the St. Patrick’s Day party at Dooleys Tavern. The Sterling Heights, Roseville and Mt. Clemens locations will all be opening doors at 7 a.m., but festivities will be going all night long. The 17th of the month is always St. Patrick’s Day at Dooleys, but this is obviously a special occasion! Dooleys is home to $1 drafts and was voted “Best Reuben” in the “Real Best of Detroit 2014” contest. The Roseville and Sterling Heights locations will have heated tents. Grab a corned beef sandwich for dinner and wash it down with some green beer.

Late Night: If you’re not passed out in your bed at this point, you’re doing it wrong.

Whatever you do for St. Patrick’s Day, have fun and be safe! Slán abhaile (Pronounced “slaan aval,” which is goodbye in Gaelic, and literally meaning “safe home”).