Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties: Giving new meaning to the word “Ugly”

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 16, 2012
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Christmas is right around the corner so that means it is time to throw the annual holiday bash.  Most of us have that one friend who shows up to every party wearing something absolutely ridiculous and he typically makes a fool of himself by drinking way too much.

Although you may oftentimes be annoyed by this certain individual, we should all be giving him credit for whatever small role he may have played in the invention of the most entertaining and laid-back Christmas event ever, the Ugly Sweater party.

Let’s be serious for a minute and agree that, with the exception of the month of December, there is no way that classic Christmas sweaters are a good fashion statement. You know the ones I am talking about right?  They often come in bright colors and have a HUGE reindeer printed or sewn on the front.  It is like a car accident – too painful to look at but too hard to look away.

When I throw my annual Ugly Sweater party, I want people to wear the most ridiculous holiday ensemble they can muster up.  Clothing sections in nearly every retail store have their selection of appalling Christmas sweaters.  Personally, I prefer to go all out by conducting heavy online research to find the one that will surely win me the ugliest sweater prize.


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So what prize does the winner receive, you ask?  Only the best holiday gift ever… 5 pounds of delicious fruit cake!

If this is your first year planning a traditional Ugly Sweater party, here are a few suggestions:

  • Keep food options simple.  Pick up some $5 pizzas and ask everyone to bring a dish to pass.
  • Grab a few cases of Natty Light and make a tub of jungle juice.  Let guests know that if they prefer something else, then it’s BYOB!
  • Throw up just a few decorations.  After all, each guest donning an ugly sweater will be a decoration in itself!  Luckily I can skip this step because my tree is still in the same spot as it was last year in my basement.  Yes, that’s correct – I never took it down.

Ugly sweaters are hideous works of art and the season for them should be celebrated as much as possible.  Sit back, crack open an adult beverage and enjoy a few laughs with friends and family who are all dressed in grotesque sweaters!