Your Motor City Wheels Want You to Win a Chevy Sonic!

By: Toni Cunningham | June 25, 2014
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If you haven’t been to Comerica Park yet this year, that’s a shame. First of all, because you’re missing out on America’s greatest pastime. But more importantly, because that means you’ve thus far missed out on your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Motor City Wheels Mascot Races.

For those of you who have had the fortune of attending a ball game, you’ve also experienced the mascot races that take place at every home Tigers game all season long during the third inning break. The races are made up of people-powered mascots Petey Pickup (the oldest sibling, and a Chevy pickup truck), Bella Air (the only girl, and a Chevy Bel Air) and Corey Vette (the youngest sibling, a Chevy Corvette).

To get closer acquainted with each of the three, check out our previous article, “The Motor City Wheels Race into Comerica Park Today,” to learn about their history.

The Motor City Wheels Mascot Races are enjoyable enough simply for the entertainment factor, but did you know they could help you win a new car? Simply by texting in the name of the day’s winner, you could be driving a brand spankin’ new 2014 Chevy Sonic in no time.

unhooking boat from silverado

Unleash the power of adventure with the Chevy Silverado's impressive towing capacity.

Get yourself down to Comerica Park, watch the Mascots race after the third inning, then text the mascot winner to the number displayed on screen! You will then be able to enter for a chance to win a 2014 Sonic LT!

As of press time, the current standings for the Motor City Wheels Mascot Races are as follows: Bella is in the lead with an impressive 10 victories, while Petey is not too far behind with six wins. Corey is in dead last with… zero triumphs to date. However, his misfortune is not for a lack of trying! Sometimes Corey gets a little turned around on the field or is simply stopped by a traffic light outside of the stadium. You’ll have to see for yourself whether or not his luck changes in the future!

Bella, Petey and Corey stopped by WDIV for a race outside of the studio earlier today during “Live in the D”. Check out the segment to see who won!

Play ball, and good luck to all who enter for a chance to win from your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers and Motor City Wheels!