10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ann Arbor

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | July 5, 2017
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Last month we presented you with 10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Detroit, so we thought it was only fair to give other metro Detroit cities some love. Ann Arbor is truly one of the most unique cities in southeast Michigan and has an incredibly rich history. If you love Ann Arbor, you might have heard of a couple of these, but if you’re not as familiar with the college town, get ready for some fun facts about AA.

Hold the door for the fairies

There are little fairy doors at the bottom of some buildings all around Ann Arbor. Since 2005, the little doors have been popping up to help welcome in the city’s fairy friends. Be polite and leave little candies or coins for the fairies near the doors.

The Academy Awards pass through Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is not only one of the premier film festivals in Michigan, but also the country. It is the oldest independent and experimental film festival in the country, and is one of the few festivals which a film must appear at to qualify for an Academy Awards. If you want to be in the know for the Oscars, head to the Ann Arbor Film Festival!   

The Michigan Theatre houses an impressive organ

The Michigan Theatre has been home to the Barton Opus 245-pipe organ for almost one hundred years. This is special because it is one of the few organs in the country to still be in its original location and is used almost daily.

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The Big House is rather large

We all know that Michigan Stadium is big, it is nicknamed the Big House after all. But did you know that the stadium is the second largest stadium in the world? It’s a great place to watch Michigan football with 113,065 of your closest friends.

Plenty of trees to hug

If you walk around downtown Ann Arbor or see overhead shots of the city, you’d probably realize how many trees there are. Ann Arbor is nicknamed Tree Town with an estimated 1.45 million trees.

Go Blue, stay green

Along with all of the green coming from the trees, the citizens of Ann Arbor are pretty green themselves. The Environmental Protection Agency named Ann Arbor a “Recycling Pioneer” for being one of the top 20 waste reduction communities in the United States. Interesting that Ann Arbor is more green than East Lansing…

Lots of parks to do rec

Do you need a place to stroll through on a summer evening? How about the perfect spot for some nice photos? Check out one of the 158(!) parks in Ann Arbor.

Even the libraries are Presidential

Most people know President Gerald Ford attended the University of Michigan, and most know of the existence of the Gerald Ford Presidential Library. What some may not have known is that Ann Arbor is only one of 11 cities in the United States to have a Presidential Library in its city limits. Pretty cool.

Forget bagels, fragels are where it’s at

Are bagels too tame for you? If so, try the Ann Arbor creation, the Fragel! Raisin bagel dough is deep fried and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar, yum.

Domino’s calls Ann Arbor home

It’s well-known that Domino’s got their start in Ypsilanti back in 1960. Although the pizza empire got their start in Eastern Michigan’s backyard, the headquarters is now located in Ann Arbor. This just adds more fuel to the fire of the Ann Arbor vs. Ypsilanti rivalry.